Acai Berry Free Trials – April 2009

Acai Berry Maxx

Recently featured on the Rachel Ray show, Acai Berry is packed with benefits and praised as a "SUPER FOOD". Rachel Ray seems to be in love with Acai Berry for it’s ability to cleanse your body and help you lose weight!


Acai Berry Supreme

You could have excess waste built up in your system right now! This precise buildup can be the cause of noticeable daily lower energy levels, bloating, constipation, aches & cramps, and even excess gastronal discomfort. Acai Berry Supreme can help you Look Better and Feel Better by flushing your body of all that excess waste, that is weighing you down.

Acai Berry Supreme

Acai Power Blast – International

Flush out excessive pounds while burning fat with Acai Power Blast. Break up and remove harmful toxins. And gain more energy and fight fatigue.