Top 5 Dieting Mistakes To Avoid

While starting our fitness plan and regime – the first mistake we make is of becoming ambitious! We want quick results. However with some early success, sooner or later we come to a point where there is no progress at all; or on the contrary, we start to gain weight instead.

You might start to believe that the diet plan was not for you or you might just blame the equipments for not working on your body. But wait a minute, was it really the plan that didn’t work or was it YOU? It could also be some common mistakes people make while going on diets. Here are some common mistakes that render the dieting plans as ineffective, make sure you aren’t committing them! Here goes:

1. Avoiding Carbohydrates

Completely depriving your body of carbohydrates is not the right way to go on a diet. No doubt that carbohydrates are the new food demons (a status formerly reserved for fats and lipids), it is however not good to completely cut off carbohydrates from your diet.

Carbohydrates are important for your body as they help in energy production. They are necessary for the secretion of serotonin which evokes the feeling of happiness in our body. So, in other words, it is about eating smart. You can eat the good healthy carbs like whole grains and you can avoid the refined unhealthy carbohydrates on your way to weight loss & fitness.

2. Consuming Calories Unknowingly

Take a look at the food items which you are consuming. Some harmless looking food stuff contains a great amount of calories which you forgot or thought them as harmless and note down in your calorie counting book. Gulping that glass of orange juice in a hot afternoon or that coffee while you were conversing with your fellow workers might seem harmless, but they contain good amount of calories which can lead to weight gain.

Sweetened beverages are even worse in this context and one must avoid consuming these products.

The key is to be aware and alert about what you are having. Noted dieticians often comment that most of the people who come to them claim not having anything extra or unhealthy. But they’d be popping chocolates, drinking sweet – cold coffee and binging on potatoes chips and crispies. This is far from healthy! So be aware.

3. Depriving Yourself

Completely depriving yourself of certain food items can actually backfire to your diet program. Although your intention might be to control the intake of calories and get to that ideal weight, your body is not accustomed to the changes. If you have been regularly catering to your “sweet tooth” then a sudden stop on sweet intake may not go down well with your body. There can be the “withdrawal symptoms” and at times, you might even suffer from ill effects.

So instead of completely avoiding certain food items, here is what you could do:

  1. Decrease the intake frequency. For instance, don’t have dessert everyday!
  2. Decrease the quantity of intake. For instance, have a small helping of ice-cream for dessert instead of the regular bowl.
  3. Burn your calories. And this is irrespective of whether you have that dessert or not!

Exercise is important for weight loss. More so, it is important for your fitness.

4. Not keeping a tab on calories

If you are not monitoring your calories, there is a real problem. You must know what you are eating.

For starters, you should maintain a journal to keep a track on your calories. Not keeping one is also a reason for diet plan fails. For your weight loss plan to be a success, you must keep a tab on the calories you eat as well as on those you exhaust. It may be a bit hard and awkward to count the calories at first, but it will definitely pay off in the long run. Make sure that you shamelessly count each and every calorie which you ever consume and don’t even let the harmless looking candy slip off! It’s after all, for your health. At the same time, keep a tab on the number of calories you spent as the difference is what will tell you how much you have improved and how close you are to the ideal weight and figure!

5. Skipping Meals

You might think that to reduce weight one needs to reduce calories. Skipping meals can then reduce a whole bunch of calories, can’t it? Well, although the same might be true in a perfect world, ours sadly isn’t one. Skipping meals can interfere with your body’s digestion and lead to indigestion and render your body unable to utilize the food properly. Also, it is found that people who skip a meal overeat when they get a chance to in the next meal, which possesses a higher threat to weight loss.

So it’s all about being wise, eating well and doing the right amount of exercise. Get that discipline in your life – your body deserves it! Cheers!

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Anti-Aging Diet – How Food Can Keep You Young

Are you aware of the fact that altering your daily diet can make you look and feel younger that your actually age? Did you know that this can extend your life as well? If you want to know this then find out the anti aging vitamins present in foods in order for you to be able to combat the process of aging. Due to the busy schedule and lifestyle that people have these days, it has become a trend to eat and buy instant and junk foods. This has contributed to the premature skin that has become the problem of many people young and old, male and female. Therefore, it is necessary to know the foods that will help you in combating the aging process. Aside from this, you can also be healthy and your mind will be more active and alert.

The important foods you need to take in for anti aging nutrition are raw seeds and buts, green leafy vegetables, barley green, seaweed, berries and olive oil. These foods can help you look younger. These types of foods are highly recommended to be part of your daily diet. On the other hand, if you are looking for anti aging supplements, be sure to check the ingredients used in making those supplements. If a certain supplement contains these foods then you are sure that you are getting the most out of that product. It is therefore important to know what the best anti aging supplements are. With the numerous supplements in the market now, it is rather hard to know which of these are good. You have to wise when buying. As a consumer, you got to do your own research.

It is a fact that food can help you look and feel young so know these foods and include them in your diet. You will not only look younger but will be healthier as well. You also need to drink plenty of fluid in order to flush out the free radicals and impurities that you get from environmental factors. In addition, as much as possible you get to take some time to have your regular exercise. All these things will help you make and feel young.

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Your Diet is the Key to Long Term Weight Loss

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Are you finally fed up with being overweight and out of shape and ready to get in the gym and get fit for good?  If you want to see the results you are looking for, it is also important that you address your diet.  In reality it is virtually impossible to see any significant results from working out without eating right too.  In fact, most health experts agree that 80% of your results will be caused by your diet.  It simply is not possible for most people to work out hard enough to compensate for a bad diet.  So, if you want to see the results you are looking for, eating right is key.

Stay away from fad diets and instead stick to something that is balanced that you can live with in the long run.  Don’t be tempted to follow diets that require you to eliminate entire food groups, because research shows that this rarely works in the long run.  Rather, eat fruit, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains.  Studies have shown that it is especially important to get enough protein in your diet, but that you also need to avoid getting too much fat.  One way to add additional protein is to choose low-glycemic carbohydrates that also contain protein.  As an example, quinoa is a great way to get protein in your diet without extra fat.  Try using it in place of white rice in your favorite stir fry recipe.

To see the quickest possible results, it is important that you weight train and do aerobic exercise.  In a 12 week study that looked at middle age women, those who only walked saw no results, but those who walked and did strength training experienced lower body fat, lower blood sugar and a decreased waist circumference.  The key to long term weight loss is focusing on your diet and including both aerobics and weight training in your plan.

Acai Berries: Worth the Celebrity Hype?

Acai Berries: Worth the Celebrity Hype?

These deep purple berries have been called everything from the new superfood to a magical disease-fighting wonder; but is the Acai Berry really worth all the hype from both the media and celebrities?

Acai Berry products have been talked about on highly popular shows such as that of Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray-along with enthusiastic recommendations from celebrities such as Brad Pitt and the like, but-aside from having the same helpful properties as other berries-have yet to show conclusive evidence of the magic that many Acai Berry products promise.

Why is this? The reason-so far-that scientists cannot give the same promise that advertisers of the products do is because most of the claims from businesses selling Acai Berry products are completely unfounded. You see, the part of the Acai Berry that gives all the health benefits is the pulp. The pulp-because it is so fragile and needs constant refrigeration-does not travel well. This said-the Acai Berry can only be offered in juice and smoothie form in the U.S. thus far.

This means that all the online and tv ads you see for magical Acai Berry formulas, diets, pills, and powders are all devoid of actual Acai Berry, and certainly not worth the hype from the media and celebrities. This said, the fruit in its authentic available form, could very well be a healthy aid to a healthy diet-as suggested on these talk shows and through celebrity recommendation-but as noted previously, the studies for how great it is has yet to be substantiated.