Acai Berries: Worth the Celebrity Hype?

Acai Berries: Worth the Celebrity Hype?

These deep purple berries have been called everything from the new superfood to a magical disease-fighting wonder; but is the Acai Berry really worth all the hype from both the media and celebrities?

Acai Berry products have been talked about on highly popular shows such as that of Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray-along with enthusiastic recommendations from celebrities such as Brad Pitt and the like, but-aside from having the same helpful properties as other berries-have yet to show conclusive evidence of the magic that many Acai Berry products promise.

Why is this? The reason-so far-that scientists cannot give the same promise that advertisers of the products do is because most of the claims from businesses selling Acai Berry products are completely unfounded. You see, the part of the Acai Berry that gives all the health benefits is the pulp. The pulp-because it is so fragile and needs constant refrigeration-does not travel well. This said-the Acai Berry can only be offered in juice and smoothie form in the U.S. thus far.

This means that all the online and tv ads you see for magical Acai Berry formulas, diets, pills, and powders are all devoid of actual Acai Berry, and certainly not worth the hype from the media and celebrities. This said, the fruit in its authentic available form, could very well be a healthy aid to a healthy diet-as suggested on these talk shows and through celebrity recommendation-but as noted previously, the studies for how great it is has yet to be substantiated.

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  1. Very well put. Most products that are dried are heat processed which destroys the enzymes and other valuable nutrients. Cold processing preserves them but is much more expensive.

    Double blind clinical trials are needed to prove the value of the products. Some companies do this. Those are the ones to look for.

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