Shed Weight with the Cayenne Pepper Diet

The cayenne pepper diet, recently made famous by Hollywood starlets and major music mavens has been around for many years. It was developed in the 1940’s by Stanley Burroughs, who was an alternative medicine practitioner. It was reintroduce in the mid 1990’s in a book by Peter Glickman, purporting to teach you a method or a system to lose weight, gain energy and be happier in just ten days.

So if you have a date for the Emmys and need to lose a quick 20 pounds so you can fit into your size two Vera Wang; then perhaps it is time to mix up a big batch of a honey cayenne pepper cleanse drink and start sipping it today.

A mixture of lemon or lime juice, maple syrup (sometimes substituting honey) and cayenne pepper, this diet likes to go by various names. It is also known as the Master Cleanse and has been used for years as a way to clean your system of all the toxins that have built up over time through the consumption of fatty foods, alcohol and tobacco. Start with 60oz of distilled water add 12 tablespoons of Maple Syrup (grade b organic), 12 tablespoons of lemon juice (from fresh lemons), and ½ to ¾ teaspoons (or to taste) of cayenne pepper shake vigorously to ensure all ingredients are completely mixed.

Drinking 10 oz glasses two or three times a day will begin the process of cleansing your body of all the nasty unwanted toxins. When you begin this program you will need to stay away from all foods and other liquids for the entire ten day period. This process can not be called quick or easy. It may take a newcomer to the master cleanse system several attempts before actually completing the entire ten day stretch with out consuming any other food stuffs. First timers tend to desire food after only 12 to 14 hours of the program.

When mixed properly with the right ingredients the drink contains all of the important nutrients your body needs to keep you going for the full ten days.