Beginners Guide to Weight Loss

Beginning is the toughest part to getting in shape and shedding some pounds.  In this article it will provide some tips and structure for how you should put together your weight loss program to maximize your full potential.

Diet Structure:

Tip #1: Cut You Portions By a 3rd and Calories by At Least 500

If you want to lose weight you have to burn more calories than what you are taking in.  Even though you may workout out like a world class athlete, but eat like a world class hot dog eating champion you’ll never lose the weight you otherwise possibly could.  There are many diet programs if you want exact structure, like Weight Watchers, Nutri-system, and the Atkins Diet.

Tip #2:  Add 2 Healthy Snacks To Your Day.

Since you are cutting your main course meals by a third you will need a couple of snacks throughout the day to keep you fueled up.  I like eating protein bars, fig bars, Fiber One Bars, yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies, and nuts.  There are products out that make 100 calories snacks to keep the portion correct.  Some are not that healthy, but at least you won’t eat too much.

Tip #3:  Drink More Crystal Light and Lemon Flavored Water.

I personally can drink water all day long but I know I am in the minority there.  I gave up pop, beer, and any high sugar drink and replaced it with Crystal Light one serving packs.  I know it is hard to cut out the coffee and pop but you will find that by exercising and dieting correctly you will have more energy all day long and won’t need them any more for that little pick me up.

General Beginner Exercise Tips

Tip #1:  Be Realistic and Start Slow.

I cannot count the amount of times that I talked to someone that pushed themselves to hard the first time they work out and got real sore and never work out again.  The goal is not to lose all the weight in one day so why train that way?  It is far more important to do something everyday than it is to work out like a mad man.  The first two weeks are the most important and if you can get by that you may be able to start turning it up a notch, but until then ease into it.

Tip #2:  Listen To Your Body and Take Breaks When Needed.

When I started jogging I was stopping all the time to stretch or catch my breath instead of pushing through and possibly hurting myself.  I avoided major soreness so I could jog each day or ride my elliptical machine, and I was able to enjoy the process more.  I also took days off if my body did not feel that good.  Instead I just stretched or went for a light walk with my dog.  There is no sense in pushing yourself in the beginning.  Just keep at it slowly and you will be shocked in how quick you get into shape.

Tip #3:  Find A Training Partner.

I have been jogging with my Sister-In-Law and that makes it a lot easier to jog on days when I don’t want to and more fun because we will chat and joke around while jogging.  Nobody wants to be the person that brings someone else down, so having that buddy to train with can be very motivating.

Final Wrap Up

I do suggest consulting your doctor or a fitness professional when beginning.  I am happy to give answers to any of your questions and if I can’t I can find the answer.  Check out my site for more information.

Building Muscle to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

A lot of people try a bunch of different methods in order to try and lose weight.  Some people try the latest workout machine that they see on infomercials, and other people try weight loss pills, starvation and other crazy things like fad diets in order to try to lose weight.  The problem is, they either don’t lose weight at all, or they lose weight only to gain it back fairly quickly.  Because these people don’t turn weight loss into a lifestyle, they will just end up failing at their efforts to lose weight.  But, if you can work to make it a lifestyle, then you’ll have a lot better chance at actually losing the weight and keeping it off.

Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but that’s not the focus of this article.  Make sure that your nutrition is in order, that you’re making healthy food choices and following the other advice in this article and you’ll be doing great.

In addition to proper nutrition, building up muscle through weight lifting and other types of resistance training is not only great for building a toned body, but for also losing weight.  People who are trying to lose weight, incorrectly stay away from building muscle because they are worried that muscle weighs more than fat.  While it does weigh more than fat, you shouldn’t be focused on just the pounds on the scale.  The pounds can come off despite you lifting weights, because the muscle that you build will burn the fat a lot quicker.  The muscle turns your body into a furnace so that you’re steadily burning fat off of your body.

If you want something to assist you when it comes to building muscle, then you’ll definitely want to look into protein supplements.  There are many different types of supplements available for helping you build muscle.  Protein powder is a very popular one because various proteins like Whey protein help your muscles to heal quicker, and they grow during that healing process.

Build muscle and you can burn fat.  That my friends, is how you lose weight!