Top Tips For Exercising While Doing A Cleanse

More and more people are starting to realize the health benefits of doing a cleanse and getting rid of all the build-up toxins that are present within their system.  As they go about this cleanse though it’s important to take some time to learn how to exercise safely while doing it if you are hoping to maintain your usual workout program.

Some adjustments will have to be made if you’re going to see benefits from the cleanse while exercising, so it’s vital that you don’t overlook this factor.

Here’s what you must know about exercising while doing a cleanse.

Lower Overall Volume

The very first thing that you should do if you’re exercising while doing a cleanse is lower the amount of volume you’re doing.  Since you won’t be taking in nearly the same amount of carbohydrates which would have been a quick energy source, you may find you’re energy levels starting to decline.

By keeping the overall volume of the workouts you’re doing lower, you help to deal with this.

Keep Your Weight Lifting Up

Second, when you go about your resistance training workouts it is important that you maintain the usual weight you’re lifting on the bar.  Those who are lowering the weight lifted will be at a higher risk for losing lean muscle mass, which could in the long run slow down your metabolism.

The longer you plan to be on the cleanse the most important this factor will become so that you don’t regain any weight loss once you come off of it.

Scale Back Your Cardio

Third, you’ll also really want to watch how much high intensity cardio you’re performing.  This form of cardio relies on stored muscle glycogen quite extensively and since you won’t be taking in all those carbohydrates that you normally would, your stores are going to be low.

Instead keep your cardio to a light walk.  This will still help you maintain your fitness but won’t be as draining on the body while doing your cleanse.

Add More Time To Rest

It’s also going to be very important that you’re finding the time to rest while doing the cleansing and your exercise program.  Each week you must have at least one full day off of complete rest (preferably you’d have two) and then you should also have one or two days when it’s only light exercise you’re performing.

As the body works through the cleanse some changes will take place and you’ll want to ensure that it has that time to rest and recover.  This is what will have you coming back after the cleanse feeling your absolute best.

Consider Yoga Activities

Finally, while doing the cleanse you may also want to consider adding in some yoga related activities.  These are great for reducing stress and will really help benefit the mind while you rid your body of all the toxic build-up that was impacting it.

Pairing yoga with the cleanse is a great combination for overall wellness so this is definitely something you do want to think about.

By keeping these points in mind as you go about your workout program you can be absolutely sure that you’re going to see great results.

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Slim Patches Increase Your Metabolism

Anyone who has dieted for long periods knows that you lose the most weight at the beginning of the diet and the least at the end. Sometimes the weight loss even stops completely. It is caused by the body’s tendency to adapt into different situations. For example if you work your muscles hard at the gym the body adapts to that by growing more muscle so it can handle the workout. The same applies for fat loss. The body notices that it is losing fat. It tries to prevent that by decreasing the basic metabolism. Some people make the mistake of eating less and exercising more. It can work to some extent but usually it makes to body shut down it’s metabolism completely.

So, what are you going to do. When your body does something for a long time it gets good at it. That means that if you do dumbbell curls on gym for a long time then you stop progressing. What do you do in that situation? You mix things up. You change to hammer curls or scott curls or you do drop sets. Again the same applies for fat loss. You change to different foods, eat a little more, you change the way you work out and start using supplements. But do not change things to often. It takes some time before things start to work. If you change things too often then nothing works and you are back to square one.

Watch out with supplements too. There are many supplements like weight loss pills, slim patches, egcg capsules and so on. Those all increase your metabolism. Many people make the mistake of using them too early on in the diet. The body adapts to the supplements as it adapts to exercise and diet. So if you start with supplements right away, there is really nothing you can do when the weight loss stops. Use them only as last resort and only for a month. Then wait for another month before you start using them again.

Why Every Athlete Needs Light Footwear For Running

No matter what sport they play, running is an important part of training for every athlete. In order to run successfully and without injury, it is important that athletes choose the proper running trainers. Most runners prefer running in lightweight sneakers for the enhanced performance and increased comfort that they provide.

Some athletes only run to keep in shape but for some of them, running is their sport and lightweight shoes are the obvious choice for a race. Racing is all about speed and agility, and a runner cannot be expected to perform to their best ability when their shoes are weighing them down. There are light shoes available for all types of racing, from sprinting to cross country.

Some runners become preoccupied with having all of the newest features in their sneaker and as a result, sacrifice performance. Many shoe manufacturers pack their sneakers with features that make them more durable with excessive cushioning and shock control. Comfort is obviously important, but choose a shoe that has only the features that are needed, not extras that will weigh it down.

There are certainly shoes on the market that have all of the features a serious runner could want without sacrificing speed. Lightweight mens trainers are available with many new technologies that make the shoes perfect for comfort as well as speed. Some of these shoes even manage to stay light while going the extra mile with features like protective cushioning and increased stability.

Whether someone is running to train for a sport or just to stay healthy, a good pair of running shoes is vital to the success of their program. Shoes with a lot of unnecessary features sound cool at first, but the added weight makes it impossible to run quickly in them. To get the most out of a workout, be sure to get the best light footwear for running.