Iron Gym Performs as Seen on TV

Iron Gym

Iron gym is an exercise tool you need to take a look at. It attaches to any door and provides you the gym facilities, though not all but many. If you cannot find enough time to go to gym, you can take almost full advantage of being at gym through this product. It helps in doing chin ups, pull ups, push ups, triceps dips, abs crunches, and powerful upper body workouts.

It is the same as other door gym bars and costs comparatively less (excluding any unforeseen charges) than the other brands, which cost around $25. No permanent attachment is needed while sliding it to the door sides. The security aspect should be carefully checked, as the bar can fall and make injure someone if the door frame becomes ajar. But the bar is designed to not cause damage to the door frame. It has a cantilever system which pushes against the frame sides and on the wall.

Triceps dips as shown on TV are helpful but maybe not as much when compared to dips done while seated in a chair. The bar is a little low for the dips but can be adjusted by using a stool. The product overall works great and does not remove the varnish off the door.

80% of people who have bought and used the Iron Gym found it very useful and rated it 4-5 stars. Additional exercises should not be expected from this machine. It works exactly as shown on TV. It is easy to use and easy to carry. Its usage does not do damage to the doorways. Total cost can be more due to shipping. Be sure that the bar has been assembled properly and firmly, or it could fall down. Don’t slide the bar on weak door frames.

Author: Imran loves to write about different health related issues, products and solutions like best acne treatment methods etc.