Acai Berry Extract Review

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The product claims maximum detoxification, anti-aging, and fat burning. The product has been advertised on TV.

The product is rich in fiber, antioxidants and fatty acids which improves metabolism and, thus, manages body weight. Fiber content also lowers the fatal cholesterol level of the body. The website for Acai Berry Extract offers free shipment of the product. The product price is not mentioned but it gives you a money back guarantee. A complete list of ingredients is not available on the web from what I was able to find.

Though the product has been advertised on TV, reviews from the responsible medical practitioners or health experts are not available which develops doubts in customers about the product. There is no medical proof provided that the product really works. If one wants to obtain the benefits of acai berry, one option would be to consume the blueberries themselves.

The website says that the product starts working after just 2 hours of ingestion, but the results might not be seen after a week’s usage. And just a word of caution, the product leads to dry mouth in certain customers.

The really good news is that 50% of the customers rated 4-5 stars for the product. A reduction in appetite and glowing skin have been seen with use. From my experience, a considerable weight loss has not yet been seen. Some customers have gained a good night’s sleep after the product’s use and some women have reported weight loss. The product surely increases energy.

Products of similar makeup are commonly available when you search on web. Yet health experts have not recommended or appreciated such weight loss formulas or products, to my knowledge.

Author: Imran loves to write about different health related issues, products and solutions like how to take proper baby care etc.