Mangosteen Juice

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Nutrition is an ever evolving field. These days,there are a variety of healthy exotic fruits to choose from beyond simple apples and oranges. These include fruits getting notice like goji berries and mangosteens. There many different websites and companies that use multi-level marketing that advertise mangosteen pills and juice as a one stop cure all miracle type of product. Mangosteen juice does not cure disease, it might aid you in losing weight.

A Look at Mangosteen

Mangosteen’s are fruit that is grown in tropical areas within and around Asia. Though the name implies they related to mango fruit, mangosteens are not actually the same type of fruit. They are distinct fruit that ground up, with the rind, meat, and bark all used in making the juice. Mangosteens are full of antioxidants, which makes them have anti-inflammatory properties. Some people have even used them as acne treatment.

Losing Weight Using Mangosteen

The American Chemical Society reports in a study released recently that consuming mangosteen juice may help with increasing the fat burning capabilities of metabolism. This means that mangosteen may be associated with the increased fat burning efficiency of your body.  As always, this will be true if you are following a diet of healthy foods and every day exercise. The exact dose that leads to an increase in metabolism and fat burning capabilities that contribute to losing weigh is not yet known.

The Importance of 100 Percent Mangosteen

According to the American Cancer Society, some mangosteen juices are made from mangosteen that has been pured and mixed with inexpensive fruit types, like apples. This depletes the overall antioxidants in the juice, making it less effective versus pure mangosteen. If the mangosteen juice is going to be consumed as part of weight loss efforts, it is important to buy juice that has not mixed with different fruits.

Proper Sized Portions

The correction portion size is key to using mangosteen to help lose weight. The juice does contain calories, and will lead to weight gain when drank excessively, like all other types food or drink. Sixteen ounces per day is the proper portion for mangosteen juice, any more would not be beneficial.

Make time for your daily exercise routine

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Making time for exercise everyday is probably the hardest thing for everyone; especially with a job to go to, workloads to balance, parties to attend and families to take care of, exercise is always given the back seat. But do we know and realize how much of jeopardy we are putting our health into by ignoring exercise even for a small period of time? With age, taking care of your health from scratch becomes very hard and this is why a lot of people don’t bother in the first place. However, if you make a habit of exercising regularly and eating healthy, all you have to worry about is to maintain your healthy lifestyle no matter how busy your schedule.

Your exercise routine should have some priorities; just like we prioritize our work schedule and family obligations, exercise should have a pre-determined time of the day as well. If you are running late for an appointment and you think you’ll miss out on your exercise today, well re-schedule your workout within the same day but don’t miss it out completely. For this reason, it is best to schedule your workouts in the morning, get up an hour before you normally would to exercise on an empty stomach, consume a protein shake with proteinpulver for energy and then enjoy the rest of your day without any additional worries. So set daily timings for your exercise and keep a flexible schedule so as you don’t miss your exercise.

If you cannot give more than an hour or half an hour to exercise daily, then you should focus on more intense exercises that work your entire body. This means incorporating more short-burst exercises which challenge the muscles and burn more calories. Add resistance in your exercise to increase the intensity of your exercise, for example, use dumbbells and weight lifters for certain exercises. You can also use exercise equipment to add resistance or you can even add interval exercises for this purpose. Interval exercises mean that you continuously alternate between short-burst exercises without any rests to work your body hard; it may be for a short amount of time but the muscles will be given enough challenge to burn adequate calories for one day. Find out the proper way to perform such short-burst exercises which concentrate on major parts of your body.

Understand that after actually giving time to exercise, the important thing is not that you are exercising but what sort of exercises you are performing. So do some research and decide which exercises you want to incorporate in your workout based on their intensity levels. If you like exercising in a gym, you can take advice from the gym trainer on the types of exercises that can be included in a half an hour to one hour rigorous work out.

If including daily exercise is becoming very hard for your busy schedule, you can ask a couple of your close friends if they are interested in working out with you every day. This way exercise becomes a social event rather than a personal one and gives you a lot of incentives to undertake.