Choices for Migraine Relief

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If you suffer with headaches, than you have an intimate knowledge of how they affect daily life, not to mention quality of life. They are a drain on productivity and your personal energy and happiness. This is even more true if you are a chronic migraine sufferer. You may be looking for an alternative to the treatment you are currently pursuing or just some way of finding migraine relief.

Of the variety of classes of headaches that exist, migraines are the more destructive of them all. Cluster headaches are often considered to be the most severe, but these are not as widespread and pervasive as migraines. Also, tension and headaches from dehydration and hormonal reasons exist. These are also very popular, though not as intense as migraines. Then, within the migraine class, there are those with ‘aura’ and those without, referring to a variety of pre-migraine onset symptoms that give the individual a ‘warning’ of an impending headache.

There are some aspects to migraines that are more well understood than others. For example, some of the triggers that are understood relate with diet (chocolate, wine, cheese), environmental (pollution, sounds, lights) and chemical (tobacco). These are just a sample of what is currently known. Other ideas are sure to emerge as we learn more. There are some fairly strong migraine medicines available to help treat these, too. Some people find great relief while others do not.

If you have suffered with migraines for any length of time, then you have surely come across chiropractic. It is a drug-less healing profession by scope, so you will not be getting prescriptions for medicine from your chiropractor. What your doctor of chiropractic will be looking for is underlying musculo-skeletal and/or neurological implications for your headache pain. You may be a candidate for this type of care, but only a licensed chiropractor in your area can determine this.

A proper exam and history are the chiropractors best clues to determining what is leading to your headaches. With a thorough examination of your physical structure, including but not limited to your spine, a competent chiropractor can quickly help you determine if you may benefit from this type of care. With over 60,000 doctors of chiropractic (D.C.s) in the United States, there is surely one near you.

Dr. Michael J. Funicello is a Gilbert chiropractor who has been providing Network Chiropractic as a gentle and effective style of care since 1998. With the styles of chiropractic available now, it isn’t hard to find something that you will feel comfortable receiving.

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