3 Excellent Reason For Using Fruit Juicer Recipes

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There are loads of good reasons for juicing your fruit and vegetables and I don’t mean so you can pour them down the sink. So lets not waste any time and get down to business:

1. Vitamins and Minerals

When you put a lot of fruit and vegetables into your juicer it is like making your own cordial because it’s highly concentrated and so are the benefits for example apples contain potassium, calcium phosphorus, magnesium, manganese (not for helping draw Japanese cartoons!), iron, sodium, copper, zinc, vitamins A, B1, B2, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid and vitamins B6, C, E and K. Phew, say all that in one breath. So you can imagine what cramming 6 of these into one drink can do for you never mind putting in other fruit as well.

Here I only mention apples but the majority of fruit contain the same vitamins and minerals as well so if you don’ t like apples why not try blackcurrent, blueberries or cantaloupe.

2. Phytochemicals


Phytochemicals are believed to help reduce the chance of catching diseases. They can act like antioxidants, promote hormonal activity, stimulate enzymes, interfere with DNA replication therefore slowing down cancer cell reproduction and anti bacterial effects.

As phytochemicals are naturally occurring in plants as chemical compounds you can appreciate the fact that juicing down fruit and vegetables will help to increase you consumption of these.

3. More Minerals

I mentioned some of the minerals above when talking about the contents of an apple but lets take a further look at them. Magnesium is found all through the body but is pro-dominant in bones helping to keep them strong. Moving away from the bones you have potassium which is part of your cells, muscle and organs and it helps to conduct electricity into the body. Calcium is also important for bones but also keeps your teeth strong.

I feel as though I have hardly scratched the surface and could write for a very long time about the benefits of juicing down your fruit and vegetables but why not head over to the Food and Drink site for more details and some mouth watering juicer recipes to follow as well.

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