The Best Way to Lose Weight without Being Too Thin

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There is a pervading concept that lies in the human subconscious that thin is beautiful, thin is power and thin looks good in any piece of clothing. It cannot be helped that society does have a discrimination towards anything that does not conform and so people- especially women- have to conform to the idea that thin should reign supreme. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an extra pound of flab or two as long as you’re not compromising your health.

Yes, thin looks swell in any clothing, but look closely and you’ll see the bones sticking out of the body like a couple of sharp needles. Do you think that actually looks attractive? The best way to lose weight is to not think about how thin you are going to become, but to try and think about how healthy you will be in the long run.

It’s easy to lose weight if you don’t consider the consequences. Many people simply skip a meal or two for several weeks and exclaim how happy they are with their new weight loss regime. The longer they stay on their definition of losing weight though, the more they start to feel irritated and angry at themselves for not being able to eat the things they love anymore. Sooner or later, their resolve collapses and they start to eat anything they want all over again. The best way to lose weight is not to starve yourself while going on a diet. In fact, don’t ever go on a diet that restricts food intake or you will risk rebound weight gain in the future. Instead of decreasing your food intake, replace your snacks with fruits and vegetables. Not only will your skin glow, you’ll start losing weight without the nasty hunger pangs!

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