Kitchen Cures for Acne

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To clear up your acne, you may only have to look as far as the health foods aisle. Vitamins such as A, E and niacin  have been shown to elevate the breakouts in some patients. Taking one of the vitamins for a month will show how effective the treatment is. The mineral zinc has also been effective.  Taking 50mg, three times a day, for a month will reveal its effectiveness.

Wander into the pantry to find a host of other effective acne treatments. Orange peel (ground and applied to the affected area), lemon juice, and raw garlic have been used successfully by many people. Because of the acid nature of the orange and lemon, only a once-daily treatment is recommended. The raw garlic, however, can be applied several times day for maximum effectiveness.

In the spice cabinet, find some coriander and mix with mint juice. A teaspoon of this juice combined with a dash of turmeric can be applied each night. A new discovery is of the  Fenugreek leaf. Crush the leaves into a paste and rub on the skin nightly. The next morning, a hot wash is necessary. For that spa like feeling, grate a cucumber and apply to the face and neck. Rest for fifteen minutes. This treatment has been found very effective for preventing the formation of new pimples of blackheads if done consistently.

You could click on hundreds of information wizards looking for that one miracle cure. The truth is that there is no one-cure-all for acne. It is going to be trial and error to find the treatment that works for your skin type. Trying the above acne home remedies may take some time, but the end result will be worth the wait. Do not spend an excessive amount of money on expensive over-the-counter-treatments. Using ingredients that you already have on hand is less expensive, natural, and healthier for your overall body.