This Is Not Your Mothers Weight Watchers

In the early 1960s Jean Nidetch got together with some friends to help each other lose weight. It was a great idea and it caught on. Today there are Weight Watchers groups meeting all over the world.

Many of the people who join WW today remember their mothers or grandmothers with their postage scale on the kitchen counter weighing and measuring. Many remember those same moms and grandmas coming home from a meeting thrilled with the victory of losing a pound or grimly determined to do better next week.

There were other less specific changes that those early pioneers experienced. They began to learn about nutrition. They learned that losing weight involved more than just cutting calories. They realized that in order to feel good they had to get the nutrients they needed even if their portion sizes were smaller.

Back in the days when a staggering percentage of recipes involved canned Cream of Mushroom soup people who joined WW were receiving recipes that tasted good without prefabricated ingredients. Many joiners were venturing out of their comfort zones and trying foods they had never tasted before. And they were teaching their families what they were learning about nutrition and making healthier choices.

Some of those things haven’t changed. WW members are still learning about nutrition. But what they are learning has changed as the organization has kept up with the latest information about diet and health. They are still weighing and measuring portions but they are learning other ways to manage portions as well. They can even purchased pre-weighed and measured Weight Watchers convenience foods.

Of course there are still weekly meetings to attend. But now there are online meetings as well. Members still have the gathering, the lecture, the conversation, the fellowship that was such an important ingredient in the Weight Watchers formula from the very beginning. But now it’s all updated for another generation.

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