A Few Good Home Remedies for Acne

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Acne is a very common skin problem. Because it is so common, there are many available treatments for it already on the market. These treatments are not a sure fix because acne may keep coming back.  The treatments manage the symptoms of the acne, but they don’t get at the root cause. Some facial treatments and creams might help a lot although they can be a very expensive way of preventing acne. If money is an issue, then you may want to look at some simple and cheap home remedies for acne that are readily available to anyone who is suffering from acne.

Acne can be in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, or cysts. Acne forms when dead skin cells and excess sebum accumulate in the skin pores and get trapped with bacteria.  The trapped sebum below the skin is called a whitehead and when this is oxygenated it turns dark and becomes a blackhead. When both whiteheads and blackheads become inflamed they are known as pustules. Further damage to the skin follicle will become cysts with painful inflammation.

Learning the habits for preventing acne is a good start to having healthy skin. Daily cleansing of the skin is one good practice that helps to remove dead skin cell that might block the skin pores and cleanse away the excess sebum in the skin as well. Using mild soap and scrubbing the face with clean cloth in a circular motion will reach deep skin pores. This may not prove to be effective for clearing away acne but then a good start to have clean and healthy skin.

There are a lot of acne treatments that are available in the market today. This includes laser treatment, acne creams and even skin surgery treatments. This is quite effective in removing acne scars and after effects of acne. However opting for this kind of treatments are quite expensive and might pose some negative effects in the body.

Money is why many acne sufferers have started using home acne remedies. An addition bonus is that these natural remedies often have a low chance of side effects. One popular home remedy includes applying face paste and mask with lime, lemons, fenugreek leaves, mint, aloe vera, oatmeal, and other homemade ingredients.  This is quite easy to prepare. You will have good results if maintained for a period of time. However this will only become effective if acne remedies are also paired with daily supplements such as vitamins to maintain healthy skin. Good habits are also a good way to minimize the effect of acne.

Acne can be treated if one doesn’t want to suffer the effects of it in the long run. This can be through acne treatments such as skin surgery or through less intrusive methods like home acne remedies. Many people choose to use simple acne remedies because they are cheaper and still effective.

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This Is Not Your Mothers Weight Watchers

In the early 1960s Jean Nidetch got together with some friends to help each other lose weight. It was a great idea and it caught on. Today there are Weight Watchers groups meeting all over the world.

Many of the people who join WW today remember their mothers or grandmothers with their postage scale on the kitchen counter weighing and measuring. Many remember those same moms and grandmas coming home from a meeting thrilled with the victory of losing a pound or grimly determined to do better next week.

There were other less specific changes that those early pioneers experienced. They began to learn about nutrition. They learned that losing weight involved more than just cutting calories. They realized that in order to feel good they had to get the nutrients they needed even if their portion sizes were smaller.

Back in the days when a staggering percentage of recipes involved canned Cream of Mushroom soup people who joined WW were receiving recipes that tasted good without prefabricated ingredients. Many joiners were venturing out of their comfort zones and trying foods they had never tasted before. And they were teaching their families what they were learning about nutrition and making healthier choices.

Some of those things haven’t changed. WW members are still learning about nutrition. But what they are learning has changed as the organization has kept up with the latest information about diet and health. They are still weighing and measuring portions but they are learning other ways to manage portions as well. They can even purchased pre-weighed and measured Weight Watchers convenience foods.

Of course there are still weekly meetings to attend. But now there are online meetings as well. Members still have the gathering, the lecture, the conversation, the fellowship that was such an important ingredient in the Weight Watchers formula from the very beginning. But now it’s all updated for another generation.

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Kitchen Cures for Acne

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To clear up your acne, you may only have to look as far as the health foods aisle. Vitamins such as A, E and niacin  have been shown to elevate the breakouts in some patients. Taking one of the vitamins for a month will show how effective the treatment is. The mineral zinc has also been effective.  Taking 50mg, three times a day, for a month will reveal its effectiveness.

Wander into the pantry to find a host of other effective acne treatments. Orange peel (ground and applied to the affected area), lemon juice, and raw garlic have been used successfully by many people. Because of the acid nature of the orange and lemon, only a once-daily treatment is recommended. The raw garlic, however, can be applied several times day for maximum effectiveness.

In the spice cabinet, find some coriander and mix with mint juice. A teaspoon of this juice combined with a dash of turmeric can be applied each night. A new discovery is of the  Fenugreek leaf. Crush the leaves into a paste and rub on the skin nightly. The next morning, a hot wash is necessary. For that spa like feeling, grate a cucumber and apply to the face and neck. Rest for fifteen minutes. This treatment has been found very effective for preventing the formation of new pimples of blackheads if done consistently.

You could click on hundreds of information wizards looking for that one miracle cure. The truth is that there is no one-cure-all for acne. It is going to be trial and error to find the treatment that works for your skin type. Trying the above acne home remedies may take some time, but the end result will be worth the wait. Do not spend an excessive amount of money on expensive over-the-counter-treatments. Using ingredients that you already have on hand is less expensive, natural, and healthier for your overall body.

Probiotics Supplements: The Health Benefits

Our dietary habits have changed significantly over the centuries. While in the past our ancestors would regularly have eaten food that contained significant quantities of live bacteria, with improved hygiene the amount of live bacteria we consume has fallen considerably. At the same time it is widely recognized that having a robust population of ‘healthy’ bacteria in our gut plays an important role in our overall health and well being. It is not surprising in this context that we have seen an explosion in probiotic foods and probiotics supplements on the market.

More studies are emerging linking probiotics to a range of health benefits and some of the main conclusions are outlined below. However it should be noted that there are sill many unknowns with more studies and longer term clinical trials needed.

  • There is good evidence that probiotics play a positive role in both preventing and managing diarrhea, particularly infections diarrhea caused by prolonged antibiotics use.
  • Taking probiotics is thought to play a role in reducing symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Probiotics may also assist in the management of irritable bowel syndromes.
  • You’ll often see probiotics listed as Candida diet foods. Although more clinical trials are needed, many health professionals believe that a robust population of ‘good bacteria’ in the gut can help in reducing the ability of Candida to overgrow into a yeast infection.
  • Individuals who are lactose intolerant have been shown to have improved lactose digestion following a course of probiotics. Lactose intolerance symptoms were also reduced.
  • Although there is no evidence yet linking probiotics directly to colon and bowel cancer prevention, early studies indicate that this is an area that warrants closer study.
  • Probiotics are thought to reduce the incidence to food hypersensitivity on the gut and may serve to reduce allergic conditions.

Is it possible to lose weight in 2 weeks?

Are you desperately searching for a way to lose weight in 2 weeks? Are you feeling unconfident because of your appearance? Well, you are not alone, many people are experiencing a hard time coping with obesity these days. This is the direct result of overeating and under-exercising. To reduce weight fast and effectively, you will need to obey certain rules and diets. As all of us can read and hear everywhere, the best method to reduce weight is to eat moderately and exercise on a regular basis. However, in a fast pace environment where almost everyone has to spend most of the time working, following a strict diet and practice exercising everyday seem to be unattainable.

What you can do to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks?

Two weeks seems to be a short period of time and knowing how to lose weight in 2 weeks may appear to be unrealistic, especially if you are excessively overweight. However, everything is possible, if you know how. The first rule to remember is to eat more fiber. Fiber is very good for your health and it also helps you have a feeling of fullness for a long period of time. You can consume health snack foods between meals. Remember to choose only low-calorie snacks and natural ingredient snacks so that you can benefit the most. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is also recommended. And remember to stay away from all kinds of fast food. Many people are addicted to fast food for its convenience and its taste but if you want to reduce weight fast, you have to stay away from it or at least reduce consumption.

Burn more calories than you consume

This is the ultimate cause of fast weight loss. If you can mange to participate in lots of calorie-consuming activities then you will burn more calories than you consume and therefore your weight will reduce. You may consult a doctor or health specialist to know exactly what you have to eat and do to burn calories fast.

Drink lots of Water

Water can help you prevent weight gain. When you feel hungry but know that you should not eat more, you should drink water. Water will make you feel full and your hunger may disappear.

What to Stay away from?

If you read about a method that promises to help you lose weight in 2 weeks without having to go through diet or exercise then you’d better stay away from or at least put a big question mark in it. There are many fake methods and products in the market trying to get your money. You should read reviews and hear opinions before you make any purchase.

How to Lose Weight with Fat Burning Foods

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Fat burning foods can be added to the diet for an effective weight loss program. These can help burn fats easily and quickly. Having those fats burned means losing weight and getting a leaner body. There are foods that boost the body’s metabolism and aid in the fat-burning activity other than diet and exercise. This also means that you can actually eat these foods without ever thinking about gaining weight; instead, these foods help you lose the extra pounds you have.

Foods that are rich in protein are the best foods to eat. Of the macronutrients, protein takes more energy for it to be digested. So, your body burns more calories when you eat more protein. Here is a list of several fat burning foods that you can incorporate in your diet.

Eggs are very high in protein and these can help burn the fat around the midsection. However, eggs are noted to be harmful as they increase the blood cholesterol. If you are anxious about this, you can remove the yolk and still benefit from the high content of protein in eggs. Vitamin B12 is also contained which is a beneficial supplement in the breaking down of fat cells.

Low-fat milk and non-fat yogurt are also beneficial to the body. In some study, women who have consumed these foods three to four times a day have lost 70 percent of fat. Therefore, these dairy products are not only good for the bones but in burning unwanted body fat as well.

Lean meats are very rich in protein and because of this more calories are needed for the body to digest them. However, go for beef and opt for the leanest cuts which are usually called “loin” on its label for a healthier portion of meat. Other good sources of protein are tuna and salmon that contain omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the heart.

Foods that contain capsaicin are also considered fat burners. Jalapenos contain such chemical. Capsaicin can increase the heart rate and boost the metabolic rate of the body. Habaneros which are very hot chili peppers are very excellent fat burners too. Consumption of these spicy foods can help burn more calories. Cayenne pepper is also beneficial for losing weight. According to a study, a boost of 25 percent in metabolism is produced when you eat one spicy meal per day. Also, the calorie burn continues for three hours.

These are just some of the foods that can help burn body fat to achieve your weight loss goals. Whole grain cereals, coffee, green tea and oatmeal are other food sources that can burn fat. However, you must not rely only on these but be sure to perform daily exercises to have an effective weight loss program.

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