Sleep Cycle – Some Additional Information about Your Sleep

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We are busy which is true, but still it won’t be a good enough reason when it comes to “customizing” your sleep or sleep cycle schedule. Because if you’re not ready to giveaway enough time for your body to rest itself and recover just because you’re “busy” it won’t do any good when health related problems starts to come into the surface. Since this is one of the most basic needs of all types of life forms even the tiniest amount of distractions can create big problems in the future. The reason behind certain types of emotional imbalances is most of the time due to the low amount of sleep that people are getting.

Emotional imbalance also includes other types of illness such as depression for example. This is another deadly enemy of these times we live in. It’s also one of the reasons behind suicide incidents, mental issues, etc. If you used to sleep for about 6-8 hours per day but because of any reason let’s say that last night you were only able to sleep around 5 hours. Some might say this won’t affect your daily activities at all but the actual researches have proven otherwise. Even the slightest amount of change can have big outcomes concerning both body and mind. If this was continued for longer durations it can even reduce the ability of the body to fight again infections for instance.

Another myth that many people have is that the actual quantity represents the quality also, which is a total myth. One person may benefit even from 4 hours of quality sleep more than a person who’s having 8 hours of low quality sleep in comparison. The actual hours depends on the age. For example 3-12 months old babies needs 14-18 hours while a grown adult requires 7-9.

So how can you measure the exact amount that your body needs? The easiest way is to get a proper sleep with right conditions and decide it for yourself.  For instance,

A.    Make sure the cloths and the bed-sheets, etc are clean and the bed itself is comfortable enough.
B.    Avoid drugs and Coffee (anything that contains high amounts of Caffeine).
C.    If you cannot bath daily at least wash your face, legs, hands, etc which can help to improve the sense of comfort which is another important factor.
D.    Don’t go to bed with all your problems and obsessions in mind. Instead try to do anything that makes you calm. Read a book that you love or listen to some soft music, etc.
E.    If you use an Air-Conditioner set the temperature levels around 18 Celsius.

Thanks to the technological advancements there are now even electronic alarm clocks are available (commonly known as sleep cycle alarm clock) which has the ability to not to trigger any sounds while you’re sleeping in your deep stages. So even though there are many other ways that you can use to get the best out of the time that you spend on bed, still I hope that by reading this article at least you received some basic understandings about the subject because that’s what matters the most.

Making Meals for the HCG Diet

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Recipes for diets can be fun to try, especially when the diet is extremely low-calorie. Such are the recipes for hCG diet. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone released naturally by pregnant women; it allows the stored fat to go to the child she is carrying rather the mother. By injecting hCG for the duration of the diet (minus the last three days of the month-long diet), the dieter effectively feeds off their own fat. Suffice to say that the person still needs some caloric intake, but it is on a far lower scale than normal (usually under 500 calories a day).

When it comes to HCG recipes, they tend to be strong on vegetables and fruit; not only are there fewer calories in vegetable matter, but they also tend to fill up the consumer faster than other items. Meat is also usually a good part of the diet, to ensure that the proper amount of protein is eaten, as well as to allow some variety. Obviously, anything based on carbohydrates is off limits, such as breads and pastas. In short, the diets tend to foods with as little preparation as possible. It should be noted that the diet is just for those injecting hCG; it simply doesn’t have everything that most people need, but is good enough due to their caloric restrictions.

However, it does make for some interesting considerations. There are some interesting variations on some foods, such as lettuce wraps (lettuce replacing the tortilla you would normally find covering them). Kabobs also tend to feature heavily, as they are fun to make and it allows for some preparation; the number featuring fruit as well as vegetables is interesting, especially fruits (such as berries) that you wouldn’t normally think of. Building recipes for the hCG diet can be healthy and fun; just give it a shot!

Stomach Diet

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Undergoing surgery is a risk at one’s life. A person must be conscious on what he eats and what he does. There were exercises specifically for them as there were menu given for them exclusively. Just like those who went into gastric bypass surgery, this is a common operation that has something to do with reducing the stomach size through attaching back the small stomach to the small intestines. Surgeons have warned people with this surgery of having no too much intake of food, yet, it makes them difficult to please their stomach. Here are some weight loss tips that you should consider:

Having a diet plan is the best solution to satisfy your crave, yet, will suit your hunger. Only a volume of food should be eaten at once on every meal. Such that 1 ounce or 2 tablespoons but eventually one can increase the volume over time until the stomach is ready to hold normal amount of food. This surgery is best to note in reducing weight rapidly. However, exercise and right mental attitude on food is a recommendation from medical professionals to ensure safety and efficient.

Foods that are rich in nutrients are referred to by nutritionist to see to it that the operation can achieve what you dreamed of. It is still best to eat foods that are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals such as turkey or any lean meat, cottage cheese, fish and eggs for protein to help build new tissue. Fruits like apple, pineapple and banana for fiber. Prevent dehydration in the process of surgery; drink plenty of water or low calorie beverage in every meal.

Although, this doesn’t mean by not eating at all but eat at minimum amount 3 to 6 meals a day. Remember, overeating can cause vomiting, weight gain and expansion of the pouch. Seek medical professionals only when deciding to undergo your self on gastric bypass. Simply stated, gastric bypass diet is very important. You should not ignore it and know what to eat and what not. This will allow you to stay healthy and happy.