Keeping the Heart Fit

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All exercise is not the same, particularly if you want good Cardiac Fitness. Concentrate on keeping away from fatty, sugary foods and snacks, and then avoid those faddish effective crash diets in favor of a level, well balanced, solid sensible diet of healthy fat burning food, and achieve the proper exercise levels and life will be great.
When you do exercise it’s not necessary to crank your heart rate very high to achieve effective fat burning, or aerobic exercise, and to maximize the calorie burnoff. Exercising at only 70% of your maximum heart rate is the single most effective fat burning level. If you couple that with the right fat burning food and be sure your diet stays steadily level you will be a star.

We all like a little splurge now and again, and if we increase the frequency, and type of splurging we may be laboring under the false idea that we can take it all off any time we want with one of those quick, effective crash diets.
A crash diet is only good in the short term period, and should seriously be avoided, as they actually can tend to stress your heart more than necessary. A simple walk in the neighborhood is very effective for maximun fat burning, and when you couple that with your care and awareness to maintain a solid level constant diet, you will accomplish both goals,…a healthier heart, and a much fitter heart and be around for a long time to enjoy life, friends, and all the pleasures of life.

So enjoy life, open your eyes, smell the roses and see how much fun and better a “walk around the block” can really be, and make you feel. Soon you will come to enjoy it, and even look forward to it!

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