What Drinking Green Tea Can Do For You

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There are a number of health benefits of green tea. However today I want to focus on just one of these. Consuming high alkaline foods is beneficial to the overall health of our bodies. In this article I am going to talk about the alkalizing properties of Japanese tea and why this benefit alone makes it worth drinking.

Before I get started with this however I would like to briefly outline what the alkaline diet is all about. One of the reasons that I find this dietary protocol so interesting is that the scientists who research it do not talk in terms of weight loss. It is not some wonder diet that can turn obese people into catwalk models in a month. I hate all the false claims that surround the diet industry. This is why the alkaline diet is so appealing to me. The aim that those of us who follow this diet is improved health.

By eating a higher percentage of alkaline foods in our diet we are able to improve the condition of our body and the way that we feel on a day to day basis. The best part about the alkaline diet is that it is easy. Moreover, it is not a restrictive diet, the more alkaline food we eat, the better.

This is where green tea comes in. To be clear, it is not a highly alkalizing drink. But it does have a slight overall alkalizing effect upon our body. This is because of the minerals that it does and does not contain. So by drinking green tea throughout the day we can help to give our body a slight alkaline boost every time that we have a cup.

Drinking green tea is not a wonder cure for all illness. But the Japanese have been drinking it for years. Their diet is traditionally healthy and without knowing it, high in alkaline foods.

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  1. I don’t know more about green tea, when I event to tea estate the people said there is nothing special in green tea, so I bought normal tea. Can you please give more details about green tea in next article?

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