The Low Down On Juice Fasts And Weight Loss

If you’re someone who’s looking to experience a fast rate of weight loss, one thing that you might be considering is going on a juice fast.  Juice fasts are becoming incredibly popular among a wide variety of individuals because not only do they promise to help you lose weight quickly, but they also claim to have many other benefits related to detoxification and rejuvenation.

But, what’s the real truth about juice fasts? Are they really that beneficial as far as fat loss is concerned? Or, are they something that you should be avoiding?

By understanding a few key points, you can make a much more informed decision with regards to juice fasts and whether they’re a wise move for you.

Juice Fasts And Protein Intake

The very first thing that you should note with regards to juice fasts is the fact that they will essentially be 100% completely devoid of protein content.  While you may get a very small amount of protein if you’re including vegetables in the juice fast, the fact of the matter is that this will not be complete protein, so it won’t really be all that beneficial.

Since protein is the primary macronutrient that will be responsible for helping ensure that you maintain your lean muscle mass while on the fat loss diet, if you’re not taking enough, you’re going to be in for some problems.

If you lose lean muscle mass while on the juice fast, when you move back to a regular diet plan again, your metabolism will be running slower, thus it’ll be harder to make further weight loss progress.

All in all, for this reason, juice fasts aren’t the best of ideas.

Juice Fasts And Calorie Intake

The second big issue with juice fasts is the calorie intake they provide. They are going to be extremely low in calories in most cases and while this is good for rapid fat loss, again, it’s going to be extremely detrimental to your overall metabolic rate.

The slower your metabolism is, the harder it will be to see ongoing fat loss progress, so by using a juice fast you’re essentially thwarting your long-term success.

If you want a speedy metabolism, you need to eat a diet that contains enough calories. Yes, it will have to be lower in calories than maintenance, but not so low that your body goes into starvation mode.

Juice Fasts And Satiety

Moving on, the third issue with juice fasts is the fact that they will provide very little satiety as well. How full can you really get after a glass of juice?

Most people will really struggle to stick with juice fasts for more than a day, so they aren’t exactly what you’d call pleasurable to be on.

If you fall off the juice fast or using one causes you to then go and binge on other high calorie foods, then you’re just going to be moving yourself away from progress rather than closer to it.

The Verdict

So the overall verdict is that if you are looking for successful, long-term weight loss, you should rethink that juice fast.  You can still reap the same benefits that a juice fast has to offer by switching over your diet so that it’s only focused on fresh vegetables, fruits, lean protein sources, and healthy fats such as nuts and oils so consider that instead.

That will be far superior from a fat loss point of view and still put you in a state of maximum health.

This article has been contributed by Aishwarya Vohra of Offshore Ally. She is part of the company’s talented workforce of virtual assistant and link builders. Connect with her via Twitter.

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