Top Tips To Give Your Body A Sexy Spring Makeover

The trees are starting to grow green again and every now and then we get a couple of days when it’s warm enough to leave the house without needing a jacket. In just a few short weeks you’re going to find yourself having to bare all on the beaches and digging out those little summer skirts. The only problem is dealing with the transition of winter you into summer you. Most of us women have spent the majority of the last few months wrapped up under snugly layers and paying very little attention to our bodies but it’s time to start getting ready for spring and to release your inner goddess.

Lets start with the skin, it’s spent months having to either brave the elements and being exposed to cold dry air or being hidden away under thick jumpers and warm jeans. It’s the legs that usually require the most amount of work here. You need to start with giving them a good exfoliate so invest in a new loofah and some good quality exfoliating body scrub. You need to remove all those old dead skin cells before you even attempt to start getting rid of a winters worth of hair. When it comes to hair removal most women will have their preferred method, shaving is the easiest method but it’s not going to last very long, waxing will be more painful but you will stay smoother for longer whatever you’re going for you need to remember to exfoliate regularly to help prevent in growing hair. Always apply a moisturising cream to your legs after you’ve removed the hair and try one with a built in self tanner to help build a subtle tan and give those pasty legs a healthy looking glow.

You face probably hasn’t had to spend all season covered up but it’s going to need just as much TLC. You want a healthy and natural looking glow for the spring months so like the legs, you need to start with a good exfoliate to get those deal skin cells out the way. If you can make the time, spend a few minuets with a face mask once a week to keep you skin looking young and healthy. If you’ve left your eyebrows to it over the winter and only waved the tweezers at them when you’re going somewhere nice you need in invest some cash in getting them shaped properly, this is usually pretty cheap and you’ll find them easier to pluck if you’ve got a more defined line to follow. Give your usual makeup a good evaluation and throw away anything you know is really past its best. All make up has a shelf life and although you’ll probably use it well before then, it can still be a breading ground for bacteria if it’s not covered properly. Make sure whatever foundation your using for the spring has a built in sun screen for some extra protection.

Your hair is your crowning glory and no matter how amazing your body looks, you’re not going to feel like the goddess you are if you don’t get the hair looking fabulous too. Start with getting a trim at the very least, it’s going to grow much quicker in the spring so ideally it needs to be trimmed every six weeks to keep those split ends at bay. Adding a few subtle highlights can help give your hair that natural looking sun kissed look whilst you wait for the real sun kissed highlights to appear. Like your face, your hair has also spent all winter being exposed to the elements and all that cold air, wind and rain will have taken its toll. Make sure your locks get a deep condition once a week to keep them as healthy as possible. To get instantly shiner hair without having to empty half a carton of eggs on them or any other contents from your fridge always rinse the conditioner out in colder water that you’d normally use. This doesn’t have to be freezing cold but the cooler temperature will bring out a natural shine. For sexy spring hair scrunch some wax into it when its wet for natural looking beach hair and leave those straighteners alone too, nothing stresses your hair out like being clamped between two searing hot ceramic plates.

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