Can Weight Loss Supplements Work?

The weight loss industry is one of the most lucrative industries on the planet. Losing weight the natural way is difficult, and it’s human nature for us to choose the easy way out. It’s because of this that so many of us are willing to try almost any weight loss supplement that we are presented with, and despite the fact that the last 10 products we tried never lived up to the claims, we still believe the next one will.

The primary issue with over the counter weight loss supplements is that the companies which manufacture them only have to abide by very limited testing standards.

By choosing to consume an over the counter weight loss pill you are in many cases, effectively acting as a guinea pig. While it is very easy for a weight loss supplement to enter the open market, it can be as easily withdrawn should any detrimental side effects come to light. However for some unfortunate consumers, this could be too late.

In order to avoid consuming a product that won’t work, or is simply downright dangerous, it’s advisable to steer clear of any supplements that are new to the market. Why it might be tempting to try a new ‘miracle’ herb that has just been discovered at the top of the Himalayan Mountains, the validity of the claims made will be sketchy at best, or at worst, just downright lies.

Instead, determined dieters should choose supplements that have been on the market for a number of years, and for which trustworthy reviews and ideally, scientific backing, can be found.

For example, acai berry weight loss supplements, while surrounded by masses of controversy, are safe and through much consumer testing, have been demonstrated to assist in weight loss. However ‘assist’ is the important word here, since it is far from a miracle product, and will only help if used sensibly, in combination with exercise and a balanced, low calorie diet.

The main benefit of acai berry weight loss supplements is that they are very high in fibre, so can help the body to feel full for longer. They can also help to boost energy levels, increasing motivation and ability to exercise.

Another over the counter weight loss supplement that is proven to work is Alli. The reason consumers can trust this product is that it is a slightly modified version of the prescription drug orlistat (xenical), meaning that it has been through the process of official medical testing.

Alli works by reducing the amount of fat that the body absorbs. However, fat is then removed from the body in an incredibly unpleasant manner and due to this fact there are many people for which Alli will not suit their lifestyle.

Ephedra is an ingredient in many weight loss supplements that again, does actually work. However, as part of the amphetamine family it is also very dangerous. It raises the heart rate while also restricting the blood vessels – the perfect recipe for a heart attack.

Ephedra works by significantly reducing the appetite. Therefore if the dangers associated with its consumption aren’t enough to put people off, perhaps the fact that once use of the drug is ceased the weight will pile right back on, will. Therefore, while ephedra technically does work, it will not be effective in the long term, and could in the meantime cause significant side effects.

With all these points in mind the general consensus is what we all knew anyway, that diet and exercise are the only real way to go. There is no reliability in new products (at best they will be a waste of money, at worst – well, no one knows), and most which have been proven to be affective are so at a risk.

Without trying to sound like I’m praising the acai berry too much, acai berry weight loss supplements are one of the few products that can assist with weight loss without incurring other risks. However acai berry weight loss supplements are only effective to an extent, and are worth taking for their health giving properties as much as their assistance in weight loss.


This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Which Acai Berry? James writes on a number of subjects including health, fitness and diet.

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