Could You Make It In The Majors? 3 MLB Players And Their Workouts


Major League Baseball players work out every single day so that they keep their top physique and earn that paycheck that so many of us are envious over. So you play baseball, too. But after looking at what these 3 players do to keep in shape, do you have what it takes?

Each player in the Major Leagues has their own baseball workout plan. This is in part because they each have a different position. A first baseman will train differently than a pitcher or a catcher. This is because different muscles in the body are being used more than others. The muscles are exerted heavily during play so they must constantly be warmed up and pushed and stretched so that they can perform to the best of their abilities on the field. MLB players are always looking for new types of workouts.

JOEY VOTTO: 1st Baseman for the Cincinnati Reds

To be a first baseman means more than just being able to catch a ball. He needs to be strong enough to run, jump and slide without being bulky. A daily routine will include various cardio and weights.

The first group of exercises includes a combination of power plates, Bodyweight Squats, Squat with cables, and combinations of squats with both a lateral raise and an overhead press.

No worries, right? You’re not out of breath are you? Good. There’s more. The second group is about twenty minutes of shuffles and stretches. Votto will also throw a medicine ball (think 25 pounds, 14 inch diameter) in a lunge position about 15 times per side. Then there’s about twenty minutes of low-end plyometrics. These are exercises that are considered power training to help the muscles and expand and quickly contract.

The third group is a little bit more use of the medicine ball. Two sets of 10-15 repetitions, to be specific, using a half-lung. There’s also some yoga including warrior poses and core/posture poses. About 20 seconds per side.

The fourth group will include grind pushups, ring-pulls and knee tucks. About 2-4 reps for each one per side.

DEREK JETER: Short Stop for the New York Yankees

Derek is one of the best short stops of current day baseball and he’s a heavy hitter. This means some serious workouts for all of his muscles because he’s running, swinging and catching. He prefers to start with some calisthenics to get his heart racing before he moves into the weights. He’ll typically start with 30 seconds each of:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Arm circles
  • Pushups
  • Body

-Weight squats

  • Lunges

After completing these, he’ll move into the rest of his routine, consisting of what is called “super sets.” Super Set 1 is a barbell squat and a dumbbell deadlift, 8 to 12 reps each. Super Set 2 is a barbell lunge (for each side) and single-arm dumbbell row and rotation. These are 8 to 12 reps each as well. Super Set 3 is pull-ups and a dumbbell incline-bench press. The reps? 8 to 12 of each of these, too. Your muscles aren’t burning are they? Great. You’ll need to repeat those 3 sets twice more.

JOSH BECKETT: Pitcher for the Boston Red Sox

Josh has a different routine for working out than both Joey and Derek. He is focused primarily on his right arm since that’s his pitching arm. He will also do a lot of cardio. When he throws a ball, it takes three seconds of immense effort to get the ball at a speed that’s acceptable. It then takes the body time to recover from that. All of his exercises focus on that.

To replicate his workouts, you’ll need a few basic items:

  • Dumbbells
  • Medicine ball
  • Swiss ball (those inflatable balls you sit on)

  • The balancing of the medicine ball and all of the dumbbell workouts are done while sitting on a Swiss ball. Practice repetitions of moving a medicine ball up and down, around your shoulders and so forth. Remember that this ball is roughly as wide as your shoulders and weighs 25 pounds.

    Once you get done with those workouts, you’ll need to sprint and then get on a treadmill for at least 30 minutes. After that, head to the batting cages for another hour or so to get your arm in top condition for the season.

    All of these guys have work out routines that are highly dedicated. The effort it takes to swing a bat, catch a ball and run like all hell from base to base takes an extremely fit body to do over and over again, game after game. They not only exercise using these basic routines every day. They also have Spring Training, personal trainers, practice games, and regular season games. Their muscles are pushed to the breaking point on a daily basis.

    If you’re currently playing baseball, whether it’s in high school or college, and you want to make it to the Major Leagues, you’ll have to do these kinds of MLB workouts every single day. It’s beyond dedication to get involved in this sport, so if it’s not something you can handle, you need to let yourself know that now. If you can handle it, though, more power to you. Get a coach and start hitting the gym every day so that you can prove yourself on the field.


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    Author Bio: Heather is a freelance writer for a fitness website that offers online personal trainers. Her main focus is to motivate amateur athletes by providing professional workouts from the pros. Some days she takes a break from the fitness world, and you could find her relaxing at her beach house.

    Vibrating Machine: Decrease Excess Fat in the Abdomin

    Believe it or not, there is now a fitness machine that is able to help you shed some pounds, and the only thing you need to do is stand in place on the platform.  Users can actually receive quite a few rewards as a result of working out on a vibrating machine.  Among these are weight loss and a decrease in the amount of excess fat in the abdominal region.

    If you are able to stand still for ten minutes each day, you can drop some weight.  Users can enjoy several benefits as a result of working out on a vibration exercise machine.  These remarkable benefits include weight management and a decrease in the amount of excess fat in the stomach.

    The Russian space program is to blame for a great deal of the attention the vibration exercise machine has gotten, but the very first application of a vibration machine was back in 1895, when a doctor from Battle Creek, MI put it to use in treating his clients. Dr. John Kellogg not only designed the vibrating machine, but he and Will Keith Kellogg, his brother, were responsible for the production of the breakfast cereal, corn flakes.

    The response of your muscle tissues to the machine’s vibrations is what helps make this equipment work.  Even though you stand still on the platform, your muscles are not staying still.  Every last one of the vibrations makes your muscles tense and relax very quickly.  The result is that your muscle tissues get strengthened, and the only thing you need to do is simply to stand on the plate for ten minutes daily.

    In what ways can you expect to benefit as the result of using a vibrating machine?  The three main benefits are improved muscle tone, weight loss, and preventing the loss of bone density.  The vibration exercise machine is a great choice for those who are worried about getting osteoporosis because it is very low impact and does not put much stress on the bones.  Using a vibration machine can also help you develop greater flexibility and increase your blood circulation.  A few people also report a decrease in lower back pain.

    When selecting a vibrating machine, you should avoid the plastic ones that are produced in China.  Not to pick on China, but many companies outsource their manufacturing to China specifically to save money, and you typically get what you pay for, particularly with regard to mechanical equipment.  When you are using your vibrating machine, it will be under a lot of stress due to the vibrations, so you need to purchase something that is built well enough that it will hold up.

    Not all vibrating machines use the same kind of vibration.  There are two main types.  First of all, there is linear vibration, which is also identified as piston or tri-planar.  Another name for this sort of vibration is “three dimensional.”  It is best to stay away from the linear vibration machines since they are hard on your system.  The other form of vibration, which is called oscillating or pivoting vibration, is the kind you should try to find.  The alternating movement produced by an oscillating vibration machine puts less stress on the body and is not as hard on your back, hips and knees, internal organs, ligaments, and tendons.

    Rapid Weight Loss with hCG Drops and the hCG Injections Diet

    Some critics dismiss the hCG injections diet as the latest in a never-ending stream of fad diets, but if nothing else, it’s a diet with staying power. HCG weight loss programs have been around since the 1950s, ever since Dr. A.T.W. Simeons observed that obese patients given small amounts of the hormone on a daily basis would lose up to and over 30 pounds per month.

    This might seem too good to be true, but it should be noted that the hormone’s main function is to act as an appetite suppressant that allegedly enables dieters to maintain a 500-calorie-per-day food allotment. If they can genuinely comply with eating such a small amount of food on a continual basis, rapid weight loss should be no surprise.

    While the FDA approved hCG decades ago, the agency takes a strong position against its use as a diet supplement. They require hCG products to carry a disclaimer noting that the hormone has not been proven to reduce appetite, dissolve fat deposits or accelerate weight loss. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, produced in women in early stages or pregnancy, was approved by the FDA as a fertility drug.

    Pure HCG drops (undiluted oral supplements) and injections are only available with a prescription, but homeopathic hCG drops can be purchased legally due to the extremely high dilution. HHCG drops are almost all water and no hormone. This accounts for the placebo effect that critics cite as one of the most frequent hCG diet dangers: compliance with Simeons’ Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) has less to due with HHCG’s potency as an appetite suppressant that the dieter’s belief in it. It can hardly be argued that the key weight loss factor is the low amount of food being consumed.

    HCG injections within a weight loss clinic setting are the safest, most highly recommended program to take for anyone considering this diet. Patients spend three to five weeks, depending on their budget, receiving daily injections, then must quit the diet and the injections for a minimum of six weeks before resuming the program in order to prevent them from becoming immune to hCG. Regardless of whether or clinical setting is utilized, it’s essential to consult a doctor before embarking on a low-calorie hCG diet.

    My Best Diet That Works: Adkins and the Dukan Diet

    After the birth of my son I needed to lose a lot of weight.  I am embarrassed to say I gained almost 80 pounds during my pregnancy and it is now time to take it off.  I figured that once I was done nursing the weight would melt away, but that is not what has happened.  Initially I lost about 40 pounds, but now I still have 40 more to go.  I have been on the search for the best diets that work.  I think I have tried them all.  I tried the Atkins diet, the dukan diet plan, Weight Watchers and even tried Nutrisystem.  What follows is my experience with them all.

    The Atkins diet was easy to stick to, but the problem was if I cheated for even a little bit, all of the weight I had lost came right back on in spades!  I liked the fact that I could eat bacon and cheese, but the calories I was consuming were astronomical.  This diet did not work for me.

    The dukan diet plan was doable.  I didn’t eat as many high fat proteins and I liked the variety of the different stages.  I also like the oat bran pancakes I was allowed to eat.  I lost a little weight on this and I liked it.

    Nutri system was expensive and the food tasted awful.  You are suppose to eat fresh vegetables and a salad along with the pre-packaged foods, but all in all it was not worth it. I lost five pounds in a month, but I couldn’t see this being a long term experience for me.

    Weight watchers was a winner for me.  It taught me how to eat in a way that was sustainable.  I liked learning how to cook with healthy foods and what ideal portions were.  When I got lazy, I liked that I could pull out a frozen meal that was pretty tasty.  I ended up losing about 20 pounds on weight watchers and it is now a way of life for me.

    Making The Liquid Diet Weight Loss Plan An Interesting Treat

    Do you know that you can make your liquid diet weight loss plan interesting? Contrary to what a lot of people believe, this diet does not limit your food intake to water, soups, and shakes alone. There are a lot of great things you can do with this diet to make it friendly to your palate.

    For one, beverages do not always need to be plain water. You can play on other beverages such as milkshakes, tea, cocoa, coffee, and milk drinks. You can also experiment on fruit juices such as apples, strawberries, oranges, bananas, melons, and pineapples. You have the option to puree them, blend them, or strain their nectar especially when speaking of lemons and oranges. In fact, you can even combine plain yogurt with your favorite fruits in a blender for a very nourishing and yummy treat that you can include in this diet. They are not just delicious treats but they will also work as great appetite suppressants.

    On the other hand, when speaking of soups, you do not have to go for cheese and potato based soups alone.  You can puree other vegetables for your soup or you can use meat or fish stock sprinkled with herbs for this diet. Different canned soups can also be heated and can instantly serve as a good treat for your liquid diet.

    What is even better news for you is that this diet does not take you away from tempting desserts. You can always enjoy custard, gelatin, fruit ice pops, plain puddings, ice creams, and sherbets. Only make sure that these desserts are plain and do not have nuts, seeds, or fruit pieces.

    A liquid diet is not the plain and boring diet you once thought of before. With simple creativity in the food preparations, you can make sure you will finish this kind of diet without the feeling of being too hard on yourself. Good luck!

    Things To Remember When Hiring An Edinburgh Personal Trainer


    Hiring a personal trainer can prove to be a daunting task. Since there happen to be a several unanswered question in your mind like whether your coach will understand your schedule and fitness needs, or will training under a private coach help you reduce weight or your concern regarding the pay of hiring a coach, the fact remains that opting for an Edinburg personal trainer is perhaps the best solution to help you meet all your requirements.

    Appointing a good professional coach for weight loss

    So if you are looking to shed those extra pounds of weight you happen to put on recently or just trying to shed that extra weight gained along the way, there are many people who can prove to be of great help.

    Opting for a right coach can go a long way in helping you reduce weight successfully. Apart from working in tune with your requirements, a good coach should encourage you every time you find it difficult to meet your target and also set realistic goals which can be easily conquered. Keeping a track of your progress and helping you reach new heights can play vital role for your coach in helping to keep you healthy and also helping you reduce weight.

    However apart from these requirements, there are other factors which are important to remember while hiring a coach. Since you could have to spend a lot of time exercising with an Edinburgh personal trainer, it is important that your trainer works well with you and enjoys your company. In addition to this, having affordable rates and good references can also play in vital role in helping you choose your trainer. Since your trainer happens to be with you during the most challenging days in your life, choosing the right one can go a long way in helping you reach new goals in a successful manner.