Best Inversion Table Reviews

Shopping around for the best inversion table that you can use for inversion therapy can be a daunting task but not if you have an idea about the best inversion tables in the market.

The best inversion tables are those which are highly recommended by medical professionals and widely used by the majority of inversion therapy enthusiasts because of their amazing quality, excellent features, and top – notch functionality and performance. In this post, we will look a few of the best inversion tables which have all these qualities to give you an idea about which inversion table to purchase and to use for inversion therapy.

• Elite Fitness IT 9300 Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table

If you cannot justify spending over $100 for an entry level inversion table, get a Pure Fitness Inversion Table. This is one of the best inversion tables in the market which is sold at only $99 so it is really very affordable but you will never have to sacrifice quality and durability.

It may not have all the special features found in more expensive machines but it does have the standard features which will surely meet your inversion needs at a very affordable price. This table comes with a three position bench lined with a breathable fabric for added comfort. It is then securely attached to a 4 – point pod – style base frame which ensure table stability even on uneven floor surfaces. It also has 4 extra large foam rollers which serve as ankle support and handle bars for easy return from full inversion. It can also be folded when no longer being used.

• Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table

For a more advanced inversion therapy routine, the Ironman ATIS 4000 is a less expensive choice but is considered to be one of the best inversion tables in the sport inversion series. This table will only cost you less than $300 but it is already full – packed with special features which will make inversion extra challenging and more rewarding. It specially features AB and Core Training System which will allow you the additional benefits of inverted ab exercises while performing inversion therapy. Bets of all, it has 10 different locking inversion angles and its extra – wide and heavy duty tubular steel frame can accommodate users weighing up to 320 pounds. For more reviews about the best inversion tables, click here: