10 Most Common Disorders Related To Women’s Health

Women and men differ in many ways.  This is no secret.  When it comes to health, there are some disorders that are often more prevalent in females than in males.  While the disorders listed below are not limited to being problems only for women, they have proven to be more prevalent in the female gender.  If you are a woman, knowing what disorders are common and what side effects to look for can be very helpful in determining if you are suffering from a common disorder related to women’s health. The following are 10 common disorders found in women. 

  • Eating Disorders.  Eating disorders are very common among women in their early adulthood.  The standards that society has set as far as what it means to be beautiful have forced an increase in the number of women who suffer from the problem.  The notion that being thin is beautiful has caused many women to be plagued by eating disorder that negatively impact their health.  A woman often knows when she is suffering from an eating disorder because it is self provoked.  During other times, it can be a mental road block that she has to overcome.
  • Sleep Disorders.  Another disorder that is all too common among women is sleep disorders.  These disorders tend to affect working women more than those who stay at home.  Sleep disorders can be very dangerous to your health. If you aren’t getting adequate rest, your immune system will begin to shut down leading to further health problems. It is recommended that an adult get a full 6-8 hours of rest during the night. Any less than this can bring on health problems in the future.
  • Grave’s Disease or an overactive thyroid.  An overactive thyroid is characterized by weight loss, irritability, muscle weakness, shaky hands, fine brittle hair, etc.  It occurs when the thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone and is very common among women of all ages.  Grave’s disease or hyperthyroidism can only be diagnosed through blood tests given at your doctor’s office.
  • Hypothyroidism.  In contrast, hypothyroidism is caused when the thyroid produces too little hormones.  They symptom of this disorder are the same as with Grave’s Disease except the woman may experience weight gain rather than weight loss.  If left untreated, a woman can have trouble focusing and taking part in day to day activities in life.  Once again, only your doctor can determine if you have a problem with your thyroid by testing your blood.
  • Anemia.  A lack of iron in the body is a disorder than is common among women in the child bearing age.  Menstrual periods can leave the woman with the lack of iron that is needed to maintain a healthy body.  Many women are forced to take iron pills to help with the disorder. Many doctors recommend that every woman take a vitamin daily to ensure sufficient iron levels.
  • Psoriasis.  This disorder occurs when new skin cells develop to deep within the skin.  Appearing on the head, elbows, and knee, the thick red patches are often itchy and painful.  Women are more subject to getting psoriasis than men.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis. This disorder occurs when the immune system attacks the lining that protects the joints in the body.  This leads to reduced movement and can leave women unable to function.  Eventually, medication will have to be taken to help lessen the symptoms associated with the medical disorder.
  • Diabetes. Common among both men and women, diabetes has become an epidemic.  Of left untreated, diabetes can lead to heart disease.  Symptoms may include frequent bathroom visits (urination), feeling hungry, tiredness, dry skin, etc.
  • Celiac Disease.  Abdominal bloating, skipped menstrual periods, infertility, fatigue, and extreme weight loss/gain are all symptoms of celiac disease. This disease is commonly found in women and occurs when one has an allergy to gluten which is found in many foods.
  • Headache disorder.  Countless women suffer from headaches on a daily basis.  Headaches are often brought on by tension or stress.  Migraines are a common form of headache that can especially hard for women to deal with.

Above are 10 common disorders that can affect the overall health of women. If you think that you may have one of the disorders, consult you doctor.  Only your doctors can accurately diagnosis whether or not you have a disorder. Schedule your appointment today!

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Can Coffee Cut a Woman’s Stroke Risk?

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There are millions of women around the world who enjoy their “cup of Joe” everyday. In fact, life would be quite difficult for many of us if we stopped drinking coffee. Coffee is the preferred choice of beverage for many people to jump start their day. Coffee seems to have 2 things going for it. It tastes great and it has caffeine. Well now you can add a third ingredient and that would be medicinal properties! Yes, who would ever have thought that chugging down that black colored aromatic liquid is also good for you!

Most food products will have vitamins and minerals, where as others will have medicinal value. This is why food has been categorized into nutritious and functional. Nutritious foods are the ones that have all the vitamins and minerals, where as functional foods will have medicinal qualities, such as garlic, various herbs etc. Now Coffee has been added to the list of functional foods! This is because contrary to what was believed before, coffee contains certain compounds which help with the maintenance of the human body. In fact each time a person drinks a cup of coffee, they are reducing the risk of many diseases. This is especially true for women.

However, there is a catch. The amount of coffee consumed should be in moderation. By moderation it is meant by 1to 3 cups a day. Studies were done on nearly 80,000 women and it was found that women, who drank moderate amounts of coffee, had approximately 20 percent less chance to suffer strokes or hear t related diseases. For women, the benefits of drinking coffee do not stop there. Research has also shown that women who regularly drink coffee show slower signs of brain degeneration or cognitive function of the brain, by as much as 30 percent!

Yes, coffee helps with women’s memory. Interestingly, these benefits were not seen in men. As mentioned before, drinking coffee should be done in moderation. If not, then many of the health benefits that come with drinking coffee can get cancelled. Not only is moderation important, it should also be done at different times of the day. This means instead of chugging down 2 or 3 cups all at once, it should be spread throughout different times of the day. As far as pregnant women are concerned, consumption should not be more than one cup a day. The final conclusion from all this research is that a cup of coffee a day will indeed keep the doctor away!

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Anti-Aging Diet – How Food Can Keep You Young

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Are you aware of the fact that altering your daily diet can make you look and feel younger that your actually age? Did you know that this can extend your life as well? If you want to know this then find out the anti aging vitamins present in foods in order for you to be able to combat the process of aging. Due to the busy schedule and lifestyle that people have these days, it has become a trend to eat and buy instant and junk foods. This has contributed to the premature skin that has become the problem of many people young and old, male and female. Therefore, it is necessary to know the foods that will help you in combating the aging process. Aside from this, you can also be healthy and your mind will be more active and alert.

The important foods you need to take in for anti aging nutrition are raw seeds and buts, green leafy vegetables, barley green, seaweed, berries and olive oil. These foods can help you look younger. These types of foods are highly recommended to be part of your daily diet. On the other hand, if you are looking for anti aging supplements, be sure to check the ingredients used in making those supplements. If a certain supplement contains these foods then you are sure that you are getting the most out of that product. It is therefore important to know what the best anti aging supplements are. With the numerous supplements in the market now, it is rather hard to know which of these are good. You have to wise when buying. As a consumer, you got to do your own research.

It is a fact that food can help you look and feel young so know these foods and include them in your diet. You will not only look younger but will be healthier as well. You also need to drink plenty of fluid in order to flush out the free radicals and impurities that you get from environmental factors. In addition, as much as possible you get to take some time to have your regular exercise. All these things will help you make and feel young.

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Getting Relief From Soreness Caused By New Dentures

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Is People wearing new dentures for the first time; usually feel soreness in the gums, which can be pretty irritating. While these people would be excited about having a new set of teeth, they would not have thought about the kind of pain that they will have to go through before they get accustomed to the dentures. The most common discomfort that people face, when wearing new dentures relates to the soreness that develops on the gums. People facing such problems should get in touch with the dentist and talk to them about the problem. In cases where the soreness is severe, people may be required to go in for some kind of treatment that will be advised by the dentist.

There are some steps which people can adopt to relieve themselves from any soreness that develops after new dentures are placed in the mouth. Perhaps the most important step that people can take to avoid any kind of irritation to the gums would be to stick to a diet of soft food for a few days. People should not be trying to chew food that may be hard in nature. They should rather look to have food such as rice, pasta, or fish.

They should also be looking to massage the gums, at least once a day and rinse the mouth with warm water and some salt. These measures will definitely offer some kind of relief to people who are facing such problems. If the soreness persists for a few days people can definitely go out to the local pharmacist and purchase topical creams that can help them relieve the pain. In cases that are extreme people should not be looking to cut down on costs and avoid visiting a dentist. They would definitely have tried to keep the cost of dentures low when they purchased them for the first time. However, it does not make any sense for these people to go through the pain of wearing the dentures. They should rather look to find some relief from the pain at the first available moment.

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What To Expect With Tummy Tuck Recovery

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Almost all major surgeries require a recovery period, and this time is almost as critical as the actual surgery itself. The amount of recovery time needed greatly depends on the extent of the procedure done; smaller surgeries like mole removal will have a shorter recovery time, while the tummy tuck can take longer. But with tummy tuck pricing becoming more and more affordable, the procedure has experienced an unprecedented level of popularity, attracting a lot of patients who might not fully understand the recovery time needed afterwards.

The typical length of recovery is usually between 4 to 7 weeks, greatly depending on a person’s physiology, health, and age. It is important that during the 4 to 7 week recovery period, the patient adheres to the surgeon’s instructions very carefully. This is because the rules and guidelines that are set by the doctor will help the patient keep an eye out for any possible complications, and instruct them as to the frequency of taking certain medication, limiting physical activity, and more.

Of the 4-7 week recovery period, the most critical is the first. Most complications happen during the first week, and these have to be caught as soon as possible in order to prevent the complications from ruining the rest of the recovery process. In addition, the first week will be a bit restrictive, but still encourage minor physical activity in order to stop the body from having blood clots. Another important thing during the first week is to get used to the schedule of taking the prescribed medication by the surgeon.

Stitches will be removed during the 2nd or 3rd week, at which point the patient will be given the chance to do more physically strenuous activities. But as a precaution, doctors will usually ask the patient to wear special binding clothes, like elasticized stockings and abdominal binders to stop blood clots form forming.

From that point onward, as long as the patient in vigilant in watching out for complications, reporting any side-effects to the doctor as soon as they happen, and follow instructions carefully, the recovery process should go on as planned.

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Equipment for Abdominal Exercises

Equipment for Abdominal Exercises

One of the most irksome problems faced by a growing number of individuals everywhere is obesity or lack of a proportionate body shape. The principal parts of the body where people generally gain excessive fats are the abdomen, hips and thighs. Exercises are the only solution that one can resort to, to keep a proportionate figure and weight. But, for appropriate exercises, it is essential that people opt for the accurate exercises by using appropriate exercise equipment. Several types of exercise equipment are available that focus on particular body parts. It is needless to say … Read more at Diet Cleanse

Equipment for Abdominal Exercises

One of the most irksome problems faced by a growing number of individuals everywhere is obesity or lack of a proportionate body shape. The principal parts of the body where people generally gain excessive fats are the abdomen, hips and thighs. Exercises are the only solution that one can resort to, to keep a proportionate figure and weight. But, for appropriate exercises, it is essential that people opt for the accurate exercises by using appropriate exercise equipment. Several types of exercise equipment are available that focus on particular body parts. It is needless to say that the abdominal equipment plays the most vital role, particularly for individuals with an excessively bulging stomach.

Kinds of Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Various kinds of abdominal exercise equipment are obtainable that execute diverse operations and functions. Following are some of the important kinds of equipments:

1) Abdominal Wheel: Abdominal wheel is one of the most significant kinds of exercise apparatus. The abdominal wheel offers accurate contraction and expansion of the muscles of the abdomen. Besides this, the wheel also helps in expanding total calisthenics of the arms, shoulder and back. Apart from slimming down the abdomen area, the abdomen wheel also helps in making the abdominal muscles stronger, improving the bone density and increasing the metabolic rate of a person. For providing a good shape and apt curves to the body, one can go for the abdominal equipments.

2) Abdominal Slider: This is one of the suitable apparatus for giving right toning to the midsection by separating the stomach area. Abdominal slider is the perfect choice for those people who possess a bulging belly and need to flatten it.

3) Abdominal Exercise Cushion: For individuals who want to create a lean stomach with desirable rips, abdominal exercise cushions are the best option. The apparatus is designed in a specific way to help exercise the abdominal muscles perfectly without affecting the spinal cord. This machine is very advantageous for resistance training and total bending of the muscles.

4) Abdominal Incline Bench: The abdominal incline bench is a very popular abdominal exercise apparatus. The bench is the perfect machine for getting rid of the fat layers from the stomach area and it also helps in burning the surplus calories of this area. For accomplishing this exercise, one has to lie in a crunched posture which creates a lot of pressure on the stomach and removes the excess fat around the abdomen.

5) Abdominal Crunch Machine: It is a very practical equipment which helps in slimming down the stomach muscles and at the same time provides a detailed workout for the whole body.

6) Abdominal Folding Bench: The bench is also a very significant machine which helps in burning the excess fats around the abdomen. The foremost advantage of abdominal folding bench is that it can be kept in a folded condition which reduces storage space. This means that one has the option of setting up an abdominal folding bench also at his home.

So, the above mentioned machines are among the most essential abdominal exercise equipment which also offers the best results. It is needless to say that these machines are a necessity for individuals who wish to achieve a slim figure and a toned abdomen.

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