A Taboo Herbal treatment for migraines: Medical Marijuana


Migraines affect an estimated 20 percent of the population, and though the treatments are as diverse as the population that suffers from migraines, many are not appealing. The potential side effects from many prescription drugs can be far more severe than any migraine. On top of that, the long-term effects of these drugs are largely unknown. Many who do not like the Western approach to medicine have a number of alternative treatments available. Biofeedback, stress management, acupuncture, and massage have all been used as non-traditional migraine treatments with varying degrees of effectiveness. However, there is another less popular and somewhat taboo therapy in migraine headaches treatments: medical marijuana.

Marijuana is legal for medical use in thirteen states already, and has been approved for use in the treatment of migraines. The idea of medical marijuana is not new: many pharmaceutical companies have been using THC in their drugs for years. These drugs have been used to treat headaches, nausea, and migraines. One of the upsides of medical marijuana is that the effect is much faster than that of traditional drugs. Because the drug is inhaled, it enters the bloodstream faster. The effect is felt within minutes rather than hours. Aside from migraines, marijuana has been used to treat other conditions that cause acute and chronic pain, including terminally ill cancer patients.

There are downsides to medical marijuana as a form of migraine therapy. In order to be effective, marijuana should be smoked. The inhalation of smoke can actually cause migraines in some cases. In addition, the smoke can contain tar and carcinogens. There is equipment that simply heats the marijuana to the point where it releases THC in the form of a vapor. It is believed that this method contains less harmful chemicals and is safer for the patient. However, the fact that marijuana has been illegal for so long means that virtually no research has been conducted. The recent movement for the legalization of medical marijuana hopefully means that more can be found out about the drug. As of now, the testimonials from those who have used medical marijuana to treat migraines have been positive.

Increasing Height-What Sports are best

It’s important to understand why sports can increase height. For example, boxing is good for increasing height. Not the part where you get hit in the chin but the part where you are for example shadow boxing.

First, hypoxia is good for increasing stem cell proliferation and differentiation. Hypoxia also enhances expression of Sox9 which is an essential gene for chondrogenesis. A round on the heavy bag is good for inducing hypoxia in your entire body. If you are in development enhancing expression of Sox9 and having more stem cells is very good. If you are not currently growing then you can grow by getting mesenchymal stem cells into the hyaline cartilage in the bone(known as the growth plate line and they’ve managed to turn hyaline cartilage into a growth plate using chondrocarsanoma).

Second, shadow boxing is good for causing shearing forces on the periosteum of the spine and pelvic bones. Irregular bones are completely covered by periosteum so an increase in it’s width by for example shearing forces will increase your height.

Another good sport for increasing height is swimming. Swimming is again excellent for inducing hypoxia and causes shearing forces on your irregular bones in strokes such as freestyle.

These two sports are not sufficient for increasing your height. You also need something to cause trabecular micro-fractures in your short and irregular bones to release red bone marrow which contains stem cells which proceed to differentiate into osteoblasts that then deposit new bone beneath the periosteum which will increase your height. Jumping is one way to achieve these micro-fractures (or rather I should say landing). Long jumping is one possible sport that mimics this or getting tackled in football.

For the long bones, you have to cause trabecular microfractures to release stem cells and you have to load the articular cartilage to enhance chondrogenic expression factors plus load the bones to transport the mesenchymal stem cells into the hyaline cartilage growth plate line. There is no current sport that does this but you can just place a dumbbell on the epiphysis of your long bones.

If you want to increase your height, their are ways to incorporate sports into your height gain routine but you have to supplement that with specific exercises.

Will Drinking More Water Really Help Lose Weight Quick?


Everyone is always trying to find the secret formula or the magical potion when it comes to weight loss.  There is also no shortage of people trying to sell you their weight loss product.  You’ll hear radio ads, you’ll see a multitude of television infomercials, and going to the store presents another opportunity to be sold some new weight loss device or product.  The problem is, a huge majority of these things just will not work as described, and so you’re left with less money and just as much weight.  One thing that you may have heard is that you can drink more water in order to lose weight quick, but you’re probably doubting that it is possible.  One problem is that water is free and easily accessible even if you choose to pay for it.  The second is that drinking that much water can cause you to spend a lot of time in the bathroom.  So does it really help you to lose weight?  Yes.

Water is necessary for our bodies just like oil is necessary for a car to run properly.  it helps to keep our muscles working right, or joints operating properly, and our organs to run at the level that they should be.  All of these things running properly keeps your metabolism going throughout the day which will do the fat burning for you.  You won’t even need to be working out in order to lose weight, because your body will be running like it is supposed to.  Of course, working out and eating right are essential parts to the puzzle too, but water definitely helps to improve your weight loss ability.

How much water should you be drinking?  You should drink the number of ounces which equals half of your body weight.  So, if you weigh 220 pounds, then you should be drinking 110 ounces of water each and every day.  I know you may have to go to the bathroom a lot at first, but after a week if you keep it up, your body will adjust, you’ll be drinking more water, and you’ll be burning fat and losing weight quicker when combined with diet and exercise.

Slim Patches Increase Your Metabolism

Anyone who has dieted for long periods knows that you lose the most weight at the beginning of the diet and the least at the end. Sometimes the weight loss even stops completely. It is caused by the body’s tendency to adapt into different situations. For example if you work your muscles hard at the gym the body adapts to that by growing more muscle so it can handle the workout. The same applies for fat loss. The body notices that it is losing fat. It tries to prevent that by decreasing the basic metabolism. Some people make the mistake of eating less and exercising more. It can work to some extent but usually it makes to body shut down it’s metabolism completely.

So, what are you going to do. When your body does something for a long time it gets good at it. That means that if you do dumbbell curls on gym for a long time then you stop progressing. What do you do in that situation? You mix things up. You change to hammer curls or scott curls or you do drop sets. Again the same applies for fat loss. You change to different foods, eat a little more, you change the way you work out and start using supplements. But do not change things to often. It takes some time before things start to work. If you change things too often then nothing works and you are back to square one.

Watch out with supplements too. There are many supplements like weight loss pills, slim patches, egcg capsules and so on. Those all increase your metabolism. Many people make the mistake of using them too early on in the diet. The body adapts to the supplements as it adapts to exercise and diet. So if you start with supplements right away, there is really nothing you can do when the weight loss stops. Use them only as last resort and only for a month. Then wait for another month before you start using them again.

Benefits of A Body Detox


In this day and age, attaining a very healthy lifestyle tends to be very difficult. This is made more difficult by rampant smoking and alcohol consumption around us. A poor diet, smoking, and consuming large amounts of alcohol can lead you to diseases and infections. That is why detoxifying our body is very healthy. In this article I am here to discuss the many benefits of body detoxification and how you can do it easily with a 3 day detox diet.

Our kidney, liver, and our lungs play a very important part in our body through eliminating harmful toxins and bacteria. Because of our intake of unhealthy products, these important organs become damaged. When these organs get damaged it can probably lead to cardiovascular dieses or cancer. This is the main purpose of detoxifying your body. A body detox will cleanse you of all the harmful toxins that are found in your body, through numerous cleansing programs. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results, after a few regular body detox sessions.

Detoxification is supposed to take out harmful toxins from your body; these toxins will hurt your organs if they are not properly dealt with. After detoxification you should have healthier skin and your skin will not be so wrinkly. Detoxification is supposed to make you more energetic and give you a more positive outlook on life.

After some time, there will be a large accumulation of unhealthy toxins in your body. This large accumulation of toxins will greatly affect your immune system in a negative way. This is why one of the signs that you need detoxification is having colds and fevers very frequently. After detoxification your immune system should become healthier.

If you have a problem with losing weight, detoxification is ideal for you. Detoxification will help you adopt healthier eating habits. Detoxification will also increase the rate of your metabolism and provide you with important nutrients. Remember, you should not go through detoxification just for the weight loss benefits.

Detoxification will also help fight against your allergies, insomnia, reduce the dark circles around your eyes and help with menstrual difficulties. Detoxification can help you keep your desired weight and keep you on that weight. Detoxification can also assist you in taking away your health problems and cure your infections.

In conclusion, detoxification can also help you cope with drug problems and alcohol problems. Many licensed medical officials use detoxification to help their patients cope with drug and alcohol problems.

Fresh juice is the natural way to improve diet and cleanse your body


There are many good reasons to buy a fruit and vegetable juicer, but the best reasons is definitely to improve your heath. Freshly made juice is very rich in lots of vital minerals, as well as vitamins and other nutrients that are often difficult to obtain from normal diets these days. While many people buy fresh juice from juice bars and health food stores this can be fairly expensive, and making your own juice not only gives you more flexibility, but will also save you money.

Juicing vegetables may sound strange to some people, but it really is no different to juicing  fruits. In fact, vegetable juice is probably even better for you – it contains less available sugar, which is a big consideration if you are trying to watch your calorie intake. Vegetable juice is also more likely to be rich in minerals than fruit juice is, and the fiber you get from vegetables is better for cleansing and stimulating the stomach and colon.

When choosing a fruit and vegetable juicer, look at several important features. First, does it juice everything you want? Be aware that not all juicers work the same way, and cannot all process drier ingredients like wheat grass. If you are planning to juice wheat grass you will need to specifically buy a juicer that says it can handle it.

Second, is the machine easy to clean? This is overlooked often, and can be very frustrating. Make sure it comes apart quickly and there are no difficult to clean pieces. Ideally it should only have a few removable parts and be dishwasher safe.

Last, ensure it has a good warranty. Look at several different machines, and you will find that the slightly more expensive ones come with far better arrangements. Fruit and vegetable juicers are built very well these days, but they do break sometimes. 12 months is a normal warranty for department store appliances, but high end juicers can come with 2, 5 and even 10 year warranties.