Is it possible to lose weight in 2 weeks?

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Are you desperately searching for a way to lose weight in 2 weeks? Are you feeling unconfident because of your appearance? Well, you are not alone, many people are experiencing a hard time coping with obesity these days. This is the direct result of overeating and under-exercising. To reduce weight fast and effectively, you will need to obey certain rules and diets. As all of us can read and hear everywhere, the best method to reduce weight is to eat moderately and exercise on a regular basis. However, in a fast pace environment where almost everyone has to spend most of the time working, following a strict diet and practice exercising everyday seem to be unattainable.

What you can do to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks?

Two weeks seems to be a short period of time and knowing how to lose weight in 2 weeks may appear to be unrealistic, especially if you are excessively overweight. However, everything is possible, if you know how. The first rule to remember is to eat more fiber. Fiber is very good for your health and it also helps you have a feeling of fullness for a long period of time. You can consume health snack foods between meals. Remember to choose only low-calorie snacks and natural ingredient snacks so that you can benefit the most. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is also recommended. And remember to stay away from all kinds of fast food. Many people are addicted to fast food for its convenience and its taste but if you want to reduce weight fast, you have to stay away from it or at least reduce consumption.

Burn more calories than you consume

This is the ultimate cause of fast weight loss. If you can mange to participate in lots of calorie-consuming activities then you will burn more calories than you consume and therefore your weight will reduce. You may consult a doctor or health specialist to know exactly what you have to eat and do to burn calories fast.

Drink lots of Water

Water can help you prevent weight gain. When you feel hungry but know that you should not eat more, you should drink water. Water will make you feel full and your hunger may disappear.

What to Stay away from?

If you read about a method that promises to help you lose weight in 2 weeks without having to go through diet or exercise then you’d better stay away from or at least put a big question mark in it. There are many fake methods and products in the market trying to get your money. You should read reviews and hear opinions before you make any purchase.

HCG Diet Protocol Basics

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The HCG diet protocol refers to the specific weight loss plan designed by Dr. Simeons.  This diet plan, used in conjunction with HCG injections, was developed to promote healthy weight loss.  The plan is divided into three sections.

HCG Diet Section 1

For the first two days on the diet users are encouraged to eat as much as they want of traditionally fat filled foods.  This is designed to create a store of fat to fight off hunger pangs or headaches that may develop after going through the low calorie phase.

At this point the dieters also begin their HCG injections. Most people’s bodies will take two days for the HCG to absorb into their system and reach adequate levels necessary for the diet.

HCG Diet Section 2

This is the gist of the actual diet phase.  Depending on weight loss goals this phase will last either 26 days or 42 days.  During this time period dieters are to eat only the specific foods approved for the HCG diet.  The HCG injections will also continue for the same time period except for the final 3 days of the diet.  During those last days, dieters continue on the meal plan but stop the injections.

The HCG diet is very specific about the foods and quantities allowed during this time period.  The diet calls for only 500 calories per day derived from a list of certain foods.  This plan is a high protein-low carb type of eating plan.

Section 3 of the HCG Diet Plan

Depending on the dieter’s goals, this section is either a maintaining section or a continuation section.  For those people that met their loss goal, this is where people are allowed more freedom towards their food choices.  The idea is to monitor weight and stay within two pounds of the ideal weight.  In order to do this people will need to choose sensible foods and stay away from the eating lifestyle that originally led to the weight gain.

Those dieters that wish to continue with their weight loss will stay on section 3 for a few weeks and then return to section 1 where the HCG injections will be restarted.

People that are interested in pursuing Dr. Simeons plan can buy HCG online from a number of sources.  The complete diet outline, along with the directions for administering the injections, can be purchased in a single package regardless of the dieter’s desire for a 26 day plan or longer.

Inversion Therapy Equipment

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There are lots of reason why insertion tables have currently become popular in the market. Over the year, back inversion equipment has become successful in treating the main problem that are causing most back pain problems. The invention of creating this equipment for inversion therapy came from the rationale why most person experience back pain. For most instances, it is due to compression of the spinal vertebra that cause bulging of the spinal disc. Treatment by this equipment is done by reversing the said condition. The vertebrae are being decompressed through gravity pull, and the space is created by aligning them to their proper position.

Inversion tables are the most popular equipment in inversion therapy. By simply relaxing and lying down on the equipment, your back pain will be treated. It is considered as the safest and most secure way of creating a negative pressure between the discs of your spine. Studies done to tell the effectiveness of using inversion therapy suggests that mot people were actually relieved from their symptoms. Other benefits are also noticed during process of treatment including improved flexibility and increased body resistance.

There are several other advantages associated with the use of inversion tables including improve circulation, maintaining height and posture, increased flexibility and mental alertness. Some users think that it is not safe to use the product as it may worsen the condition. But actually, it is safe and advisable to use because of its benefits. However, it is important that the technique is done with the assistance of a qualified practitioner.

As of today, “Premium Inversion Therapy Table” is the device with most advanced features offered. It is guaranteed safe and durable and can be inverted up to 90 degrees without worries. It is convenient in any home setting and is designed to create space because it can also fold.

Useful information on fish oil and the proper dosage amounts to be healthy!

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Omega 3 has a lot of benefits and naturally, you would want to maximize all the good things that you can get from it. It is true that there are a lot of brands and products being sold on the market. Most of them claim that they are the best for you but most of the things are bogus and some may even contain some ingredients that are not good for your body and health.

Fish oil is still considered to be the best source of fish oil even though there are a lot of other sources of Omega 3. DHA and EPA is natural for fish oil but in some sources of Omega 3, they only contain ALA which would need to be converted to be used by the body.

The benefits of Omega 3 usually come from DHA and EPA. The best fish oil supplements usually contain the right amount of these two components. DHA is more important then EPA though because DHA can be converted into EPA but EPA cannot be converted into DHA. Resolvin is also converted from DHA and it helps keep away certain diseases that are caused by inflammation.

Do remember that the ideal ratio of DHA to EPA is 2:1. The best fish oil dosage from supplements should be  250 mg of DHA per 1000 mg. If you buy something less than that then you are short changing yourself.

Another factor that you have to consider when you are buying fish oil capsules or supplement is the purity of the capsules. Some of the toxins found in the ocean are really bad for the human body and most of the capsules available are not really purified well. Make sure that the supplement or capsule used molecular distillation which means that the fish oil has been purified well and this way you can avoid the worse fish oil side effects and enjoy all the benefits

Lastly, to make sure that what you are buying is made with quality fish oil, check the label. A quality product will give you the breakdown of DHA and EPA. If the product you have bought doesn’t contain this then use it with caution.

Free Colon Cleanse

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Suffering from a colon that is not functioning 100%? Colon cleansing through natural herbal methods is a great way to do something about it to keep you in the pink of health.  Few people have the guts to admit that they suffer from a bad colon but the truth of the matter is that this is more common that you think.  Unhealthy colons can cause illnesses such as chronic pain and constipation.  Do you often feel listless and fatigued? Try getting a colon cleanse and you might be surprised by a dramatic increase in energy or just a general feeling of well-being.

There are numerous methods in cleaning a problematic colon and it’s often on a case-to-case basis depending on the person.  The sad truth is that, more often than not, doctors will not be able to pinpoint if it is person’s sickness is caused by an unhealthy colon. The best course of action would be to talk to your nutritionist who can advise you on all-natural colon cleanses and dietary adjustments. Usually, the problem stems from the types of food and drinks that we consume.  With so many unnatural and heavily processed food available in the market, we can easily wreak havoc in our colon. You may also want to go try out other cleanses for your gallbladder, liver, or kidneys.

So you’re thinking that maybe an unhealthy colon is responsible for your substandard quality of life, what then are the small steps you can do to remedy the situation?  Drinking more water and lessening sugar intake can do wonders for your colon.  You may also want to lessen your white flour, hydrogenated fat, as well as that daily cup of joe that you just can’t live without.  Also, start eating more fiber and natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. Good health starts with good nutrition.  People who don’t practice good nutrition usually have an unnatural fecal build-up in the colon.

Yes, no one really wants to talk about the going-ons of their bowel movement, but you have to start thinking about your body as a machine.  If an essential part of the machine gets clogged up, the machine can blow up at that area or create a problem at another area.  Food is fuel and if you’re not processing the fuel in the proper manner where you expel the waste properly, then it is very likely that you have a ton of toxic build-up.  Get rid of the things that shouldn’t be there before it taxes your other organs. Would you really want your one and only machine to self-combust? Good nutrition and a constant colon cleanse is a great way to make sure that your vital systems are working.

You may think that colon cleansing can get get pretty expensive. This is not absolutely not true! A free colon cleanse can start at home and it starts by just taking care of your body with the tips talked about in this article. It is not that hard. It starts by drinking lots of water and eating the foods that Mother Nature intended you to consume.

Why Fresh Juice is Good for You

Many people prefer to make their own fresh fruit and vegetable juices.  They are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients, making them better for your body and overall health.  Here are a few other important benefits to juicing:

Higher Nutrient Absorption

Because using a juicer means that your juices are free from any interference and are just all natural, your body is able to absorb important nutrients from juices more quickly and in larger amounts. There are many different types of juicers on the market, such as the Breville Juice Fountain, that make juicing easy.  Proper nutrition is made simple with a good juicer.

Fight Illness

Fresh juice, such as that from a Breville Juice Extractor, which is of the highest quality, can help fight off illness.  It can help you if you’re already sick by filling your body with all of the nutrients from essential fruits and vegetables but can also help prevent illness in the first place because of the added nutrient absorption.

Wheatgrass has many great health benefits and is believed to improve your immune system, so having a wheatgrass juicer is always a good idea if you’re illness prone.  If you’re environmentally conscious, you can also get a manual wheatgrass juicer which does not require electricity.  Wheatgrass is a great detoxifier for your body as well.

Great Taste

If you’ve never tasted fresh juice before, the taste can be daunting at first.  Once you get used to it, though, you realize that it actually tastes better than store brought brands.  Artificial flavors and sweeteners sometimes mask the taste of an actual fruit or vegetable and a juicer allows you to truly take in the actual taste without any interference.

Increases Metabolism

Another notable benefit of juicing yourself is that the fruits and vegetables you use retain their enzymes this way, which increases your metabolism.  This is great for overall health and diet, not to mention weight control.

Juice Keeps You Young

There are many claims that drinking fresh juice has many anti-aging benefits.  If you want to reduce stress and wrinkles that can make you look older, a juicer is a wise investment.

Juicing can be a fun alternative to buying pre-made juice at the store, but more than anything it has many great health benefits.