Effective Salt Water Master Cleanse Recipe

General body detoxing and specifically the colon detox has become widely accepted as a way to live healthy and get rid of possible danger triggers in our bodies. There are a wide variety of ways to detox or cleanse the body system of harmful toxins, each using a different approach but all have a common objective. If you are seeking a way to cleanse your body of toxins and get rid of accumulated wastes in the colon, it is advisable that you use the salt water flush recipe because this technique is inexpensive, easy and fast not to mention that it not only eliminates the toxins in the colon but in the entire digestive system.

To make the salt water flush recipe a success in detoxifying the digestive system, you should take the mixture the first thing in the morning even before you take your breakfast. The salt water detox will do a more thorough job on an empty stomach than on a full stomach. Warm one bottle of purified or spring water because they do not contain fluoride and chlorine which will hamper the effectiveness of the salt water. Add one and half or two level spoonful of sea salt without chloride or iodine to the water and stir well to make a saturated solution. Although any sea salt will do, Celtic sea salt is highly recommended. You can improve the taste of the salt solution by adding lemon or lime juice.

This is the best recipe for master cleanse to completely rid the body of the toxins and debris deposited in the colon. You should expect results in half to one hour although it may take longer in some people. The goodness with this master cleanse technique is that there will be no major undesirable effects other than loose stools and you can perform the process whenever necessary. I recommend that you clean the colon twice every week to keep it in top condition.