HCG Diet Dangers and Complications


Recently, the weight loss world has seen a reemergence of the hcg weight loss system that was developed in the 1950’s and peaked in the 70’s. Although it is once again being seen as a realistic way to slim down, dieters should be cautious. There are many claims made by this diet that have not been backed by any clinical data and there are side-effects that far outweigh any weight loss achieved.

Occurring naturally, HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. This hormone stimulates the body of a pregnant woman to release fat stores and it is the idea of this diet that using HCG will do the same to the dieter’s body and enable their body to function on fewer daily calories. The final result would be significant weight loss and lowered body fat. This seems like the ideal program, but HCG diet dangers make it a risk for the dieter.

One such danger is a lack of statistical proof to support this fad’s claims. Although numerous trials have been conducted, none of the tests showed any significant loss in weight or hunger. Also, the long-term complications of using this hormone have yet to be discovered.

Limiting dieters to a mere 500 calories per day is another problem with this system. This is less than 14 percent of the average amount consumed by adults. HCG does not replace these lost calories and therefore the dieter can experience a drastically slower metabolism. This lack of caloric intake also puts the participant at risk for malnutrition and other serious complications.

While HCG diet plans could potentially help with weight loss, the negative side-effects and lack of thorough research on the hormone itself leaves much to be desired for now. Until data issues are resolved and the calories lost each day are able to be replaced, traditional diet plans and exercise are still a safer, and more effective, route to achieve weight loss goals.

What To Expect With Tummy Tuck Recovery

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Almost all major surgeries require a recovery period, and this time is almost as critical as the actual surgery itself. The amount of recovery time needed greatly depends on the extent of the procedure done; smaller surgeries like mole removal will have a shorter recovery time, while the tummy tuck can take longer. But with tummy tuck pricing becoming more and more affordable, the procedure has experienced an unprecedented level of popularity, attracting a lot of patients who might not fully understand the recovery time needed afterwards.

The typical length of recovery is usually between 4 to 7 weeks, greatly depending on a person’s physiology, health, and age. It is important that during the 4 to 7 week recovery period, the patient adheres to the surgeon’s instructions very carefully. This is because the rules and guidelines that are set by the doctor will help the patient keep an eye out for any possible complications, and instruct them as to the frequency of taking certain medication, limiting physical activity, and more.

Of the 4-7 week recovery period, the most critical is the first. Most complications happen during the first week, and these have to be caught as soon as possible in order to prevent the complications from ruining the rest of the recovery process. In addition, the first week will be a bit restrictive, but still encourage minor physical activity in order to stop the body from having blood clots. Another important thing during the first week is to get used to the schedule of taking the prescribed medication by the surgeon.

Stitches will be removed during the 2nd or 3rd week, at which point the patient will be given the chance to do more physically strenuous activities. But as a precaution, doctors will usually ask the patient to wear special binding clothes, like elasticized stockings and abdominal binders to stop blood clots form forming.

From that point onward, as long as the patient in vigilant in watching out for complications, reporting any side-effects to the doctor as soon as they happen, and follow instructions carefully, the recovery process should go on as planned.

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