Top Appetite Suppressant Foods: Foods with Protein

If you have trouble losing weight, what you may need to focus your attention to is your appetite. As much as possible, you must curb your food cravings in order for you not to gain unwanted weight and so your current weight will be reduced. The good news for you is that there are appetite suppressant foods that you can trust to control your cravings these days. Find out what these foods are and how they can help you in your weight loss goals.

  • Water. Drinking plenty of water all day can help make your belly feel full and satisfied all the time. A glass of water is best consumed before meals so you can consume less food. Moreover, you can also consider drinking a glass of water during first signs of hunger because sometimes, you may think of thirst as hunger.
  • Protein. Foods with protein are great appetite suppressants, too. It is advised that every meal or snack you eat includes a food that contains protein. As you may know, protein takes a little longer to digest than carbohydrates. This fact makes you feel satisfied for a longer period of time. Consider adding protein-rich foods in your daily diet such as seafood, meat, poultry, beans, and low fat dairy products.
  • Fiber. Like protein, fiber can make you feel satisfied. Fibrous vegetables are best consumed daily and so as whole grains like brown rice, whole grain cereals, breads, and crackers.
  • Green tea. Green tea is known to help calm the appetite. Three to four cups of green tea a day can very well help in appetite suppression.
  • Ginger. Ginger is known to help your body burn fat effectively and suppress the appetite, too. This is why ginger is a food best for weight loss. You can add ginger to any dish or you can consume it in the form of tea or supplements.

By including these foods and beverages in your diet, you may naturally suppress your appetite. This can be the start of reaching your weight loss goals.

The Best Teas for Weight Loss

The health benefits of consuming tea have been known for decades. Many Asian countries have been using tea for their health and wellness benefits for much longer. Green tea in particular has been getting a lot of attention and many people are calling it the best weight loss tea.

From reduced risk of cardiovascular disease to lower chances of getting cancer, consuming upwards of 2 cups of tea a day can do much more for you than shed unwanted pounds. Here are a few of the more popular teas use for weight loss:

Black tea

Black tea is by far the most popular tea consumed in North America. Although this tea does not have all of the other health benefits that green tea boasts, is much higher in caffeine content. This high caffeine content, makes black tea a great alternative to drinking coffee and helps increase mental awareness and metabolism.

Green tea

Green tea has been made famous with the green tea diet and is extremely beneficial not only to weight loss, but your overall health. Green tea contains flavonoids which give it its anti-oxidative properties. It is these properties that make green tea so popular and so beneficial to losing weight.

To get the most weight loss benefit from green tea, consider combining it with a little bit of black tea. This way, you have the benefits of the increased caffeine that black tea provides, with all of the greatness of green tea. This is commonly done in weight loss pills and supplements by combining green tea extract with caffeine.

Yellow tea

The yellow tea leaf is very similar to green tea and comes from the same plant. However, yellow tea is left to dry longer which gives it a more yellow color and a bit extra caffeine. It has all the anti-oxidative benefits of green tea.

Effective Weight Loss Foods

Nearly all people are aware that a proper diet has a big role in losing weight. However, many of them are not aware that there are actually weight loss foods that will speed up their weight loss.

Most such foods function by giving the feeling of fullness or by hastening the body’s fat-burning rate, or both. A number of the most excellent diet foods to consume are high-fiber foods, dairy products, and green tea.

Amongst the numerous foods to lose weight include those high in fiber which is actually a nutrient needed to encourage healthy digestion. More so, this nutrient aids in having regular bowel movements that will also get rid of the body’s excess toxins and materials which promote weight gain. Also, high-fiber food items help in preventing blood sugar spikes which boost hunger pangs. Some of such foods are the grains, beans, cereals, fruits, and vegetables.

Meanwhile, except if a certain dieter is on a rigid vegan diet or is lactose-intolerant, he or she must ensure that there are three servings, at the minimum, of dairy products. Wonderfully, dairy products assist the body in burning more fat, and in a more effective way. The best kinds to have are those low in fat like low-fat cottage cheese, skim milk, and yogurt.

Lastly, green tea is very much advisable due to its many health benefits that include weight loss. Related studies have revealed that people who drink green tea, at least four cups, on a daily basis shed off more pounds than people who do not. This is because green tea, efficient in the promotion of weight loss, stimulates the cells that burn fat. Moreover, there has been research performed that states green tea may aid in fighting cancer and heart disease.

It is also best to avoid fad diets, but if you can’t resist going on a liquid protein diet, just read the precautions to avoid getting hurt. The ab cruncher is also great for getting a workout in in from of the TV.

The Benefits Of Chinese Slimming Tea

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Many people are looking to lose weight these days for both health and cosmetic reasons. No matter the reason, all seeking weight loss face the same challenges in achieving their weight goals. One of the most popular and effective dietary changes people are making is the switch to herbal slimming tea. Before making this kind of change in the diet, it is best to look at the pros and cons on the product.

Positive Effects

The promotion of  healthy living

Weight is often gained due to high caloric beverage consumption rather than the solid foods of one’s diet. Herbal slimming tea can be a great way to replace coffee and soda. In this way, the beverages you consume can help promote health in addition to the foods you eat.

In addition, the antioxidants the tea contains can help to get rid of free radicals that can lead to cancers and diseases.

Affordable Chinese Slimming Tea

In today’s economic situation having a weight loss product that is affordable is quite important. Teas cost very little in comparison with other weight loss methods that are for sale in the marketplace. In this way you are not only supporting sustainable agricultural practices, but are also saving money as well.


There can be side effects to adding slimming teas to your diet. Consumers will need to keep their eye out for any restlessness and palpitations that can occur. If you experience and dizziness or loss of appetite you must reconsider the amount of tea you are consuming. It is recommended that you not consume more than four cups a day. Drinking more than this can lead to frequent urination, nausea and insomnia. By limiting your intake of the tea you can avoid the side effects while enjoying all of the health benefits this natural and economical product has to offer.

What Drinking Green Tea Can Do For You

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There are a number of health benefits of green tea. However today I want to focus on just one of these. Consuming high alkaline foods is beneficial to the overall health of our bodies. In this article I am going to talk about the alkalizing properties of Japanese tea and why this benefit alone makes it worth drinking.

Before I get started with this however I would like to briefly outline what the alkaline diet is all about. One of the reasons that I find this dietary protocol so interesting is that the scientists who research it do not talk in terms of weight loss. It is not some wonder diet that can turn obese people into catwalk models in a month. I hate all the false claims that surround the diet industry. This is why the alkaline diet is so appealing to me. The aim that those of us who follow this diet is improved health.

By eating a higher percentage of alkaline foods in our diet we are able to improve the condition of our body and the way that we feel on a day to day basis. The best part about the alkaline diet is that it is easy. Moreover, it is not a restrictive diet, the more alkaline food we eat, the better.

This is where green tea comes in. To be clear, it is not a highly alkalizing drink. But it does have a slight overall alkalizing effect upon our body. This is because of the minerals that it does and does not contain. So by drinking green tea throughout the day we can help to give our body a slight alkaline boost every time that we have a cup.

Drinking green tea is not a wonder cure for all illness. But the Japanese have been drinking it for years. Their diet is traditionally healthy and without knowing it, high in alkaline foods.

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How to Survive The Holidays Without Putting Weight On


How to Survive The Holidays Without Putting Weight On

We all know that the holiday period can be a real nightmare when trying to lose excess weight and perhaps during this time almost impossible. Instead of trying to lose pounds during this season and feeling disheartened after eating too much at that family dinner, aim to focus simply on not gaining any extra weight. This can be achieved by making just a couple of changes to your holiday eating habits. What follows are some simple but effective weight loss tips that will help ensure you do not put on extra … Read more at Diet Cleanse


How to Survive The Holidays Without Putting Weight On

We all know that the holiday period can be a real nightmare when trying to lose excess weight and perhaps during this time almost impossible. Instead of trying to lose pounds during this season and feeling disheartened after eating too much at that family dinner, aim to focus simply on not gaining any extra weight. This can be achieved by making just a couple of changes to your holiday eating habits. What follows are some simple but effective weight loss tips that will help ensure you do not put on extra weight over the holidays.

Freeze your temptation

Food and treats cannot be avoided during the holiday season, however hard you try! Eating everything on offer can be detrimental to any weight loss you have achieved and make you feel guilty; but throwing out these treats is wasteful. The ideal resolution to this is freezing! Home made candy and treats are perfect for freezing in controlled portions that can be thawed out during the year when you fancy a little indulgence, thus avoiding gorging yourself on treats all at once.

Be food savvy at parties

The holiday season is filled with social events which can often lead to over eating of party food. Next time you arrive at a party check out the food to see what’s on offer. This will allow you to assess what fattening foods are present and to see if your favorite foods are available to eat.

If your host doesn’t mind, bring along your own home made fare to share with guests. Not only will you be able to keep on track with your diet but also introduce others to healthier alternatives to party food.

Keep food out of the equation

At social gatherings, aim to keep your mind engaged on other things instead of food. Take time to play with the kids, look over old photographs with friends or get a sport game going with the whole family such as football or rounders. The additional activity will not only take your mind off eating but burn calories. Therefore keeping those extra holiday pounds at bay!

Swap smart

There is so much different food offered during the holiday period that swapping high calorie foods for a healthier alternative can be easily done and really beneficial when maintaining weight loss. Below are some exchange ideas for you to attempt;

  • Swap chocolate for sweets
  • Swap dark fatty meat for lean light meat like chicken
  • Swap creamy dips for vegetable based salsa
  • Swap regular eggnog for a lighter version
  • Swap rich fruit cake for a lighter sponge cake
  • Swap chocolate chip cookies for ginger thins
  • Swap beer and wine for a white wine spritzer

Also, if you’re a tea drinker, you may want to consider replacing your regular tea with some kind of weight loss tea. It’s been said that some varieties of tea such as green tea and pu-erh tea can aid weight loss by boosting your metabolism.

Practice portion control

When filling your plate at parties and gatherings try to follow these guidelines to control the portions you are eating;

  • Fill one quarter of the plate with a lean protein
  • Fill one quarter of the plate with wholegrain
  • Fill the last half of the plate with fresh fruit an vegetables

Filling your plate like so will certify you do not over-eat. If you feel comfortable enough to share your diet plans, let your friends and family know you are watching what you eat for further support and encouragement.