HCG Diet Protocol Basics

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The HCG diet protocol refers to the specific weight loss plan designed by Dr. Simeons.  This diet plan, used in conjunction with HCG injections, was developed to promote healthy weight loss.  The plan is divided into three sections.

HCG Diet Section 1

For the first two days on the diet users are encouraged to eat as much as they want of traditionally fat filled foods.  This is designed to create a store of fat to fight off hunger pangs or headaches that may develop after going through the low calorie phase.

At this point the dieters also begin their HCG injections. Most people’s bodies will take two days for the HCG to absorb into their system and reach adequate levels necessary for the diet.

HCG Diet Section 2

This is the gist of the actual diet phase.  Depending on weight loss goals this phase will last either 26 days or 42 days.  During this time period dieters are to eat only the specific foods approved for the HCG diet.  The HCG injections will also continue for the same time period except for the final 3 days of the diet.  During those last days, dieters continue on the meal plan but stop the injections.

The HCG diet is very specific about the foods and quantities allowed during this time period.  The diet calls for only 500 calories per day derived from a list of certain foods.  This plan is a high protein-low carb type of eating plan.

Section 3 of the HCG Diet Plan

Depending on the dieter’s goals, this section is either a maintaining section or a continuation section.  For those people that met their loss goal, this is where people are allowed more freedom towards their food choices.  The idea is to monitor weight and stay within two pounds of the ideal weight.  In order to do this people will need to choose sensible foods and stay away from the eating lifestyle that originally led to the weight gain.

Those dieters that wish to continue with their weight loss will stay on section 3 for a few weeks and then return to section 1 where the HCG injections will be restarted.

People that are interested in pursuing Dr. Simeons plan can buy HCG online from a number of sources.  The complete diet outline, along with the directions for administering the injections, can be purchased in a single package regardless of the dieter’s desire for a 26 day plan or longer.

Making Meals for the HCG Diet

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Recipes for diets can be fun to try, especially when the diet is extremely low-calorie. Such are the recipes for hCG diet. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone released naturally by pregnant women; it allows the stored fat to go to the child she is carrying rather the mother. By injecting hCG for the duration of the diet (minus the last three days of the month-long diet), the dieter effectively feeds off their own fat. Suffice to say that the person still needs some caloric intake, but it is on a far lower scale than normal (usually under 500 calories a day).

When it comes to HCG recipes, they tend to be strong on vegetables and fruit; not only are there fewer calories in vegetable matter, but they also tend to fill up the consumer faster than other items. Meat is also usually a good part of the diet, to ensure that the proper amount of protein is eaten, as well as to allow some variety. Obviously, anything based on carbohydrates is off limits, such as breads and pastas. In short, the diets tend to foods with as little preparation as possible. It should be noted that the diet is just for those injecting hCG; it simply doesn’t have everything that most people need, but is good enough due to their caloric restrictions.

However, it does make for some interesting considerations. There are some interesting variations on some foods, such as lettuce wraps (lettuce replacing the tortilla you would normally find covering them). Kabobs also tend to feature heavily, as they are fun to make and it allows for some preparation; the number featuring fruit as well as vegetables is interesting, especially fruits (such as berries) that you wouldn’t normally think of. Building recipes for the hCG diet can be healthy and fun; just give it a shot!