Your Diet is the Key to Long Term Weight Loss

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Are you finally fed up with being overweight and out of shape and ready to get in the gym and get fit for good?  If you want to see the results you are looking for, it is also important that you address your diet.  In reality it is virtually impossible to see any significant results from working out without eating right too.  In fact, most health experts agree that 80% of your results will be caused by your diet.  It simply is not possible for most people to work out hard enough to compensate for a bad diet.  So, if you want to see the results you are looking for, eating right is key.

Stay away from fad diets and instead stick to something that is balanced that you can live with in the long run.  Don’t be tempted to follow diets that require you to eliminate entire food groups, because research shows that this rarely works in the long run.  Rather, eat fruit, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains.  Studies have shown that it is especially important to get enough protein in your diet, but that you also need to avoid getting too much fat.  One way to add additional protein is to choose low-glycemic carbohydrates that also contain protein.  As an example, quinoa is a great way to get protein in your diet without extra fat.  Try using it in place of white rice in your favorite stir fry recipe.

To see the quickest possible results, it is important that you weight train and do aerobic exercise.  In a 12 week study that looked at middle age women, those who only walked saw no results, but those who walked and did strength training experienced lower body fat, lower blood sugar and a decreased waist circumference.  The key to long term weight loss is focusing on your diet and including both aerobics and weight training in your plan.