How to Measure Body Fat

Learning how to measure body fat is not that difficult as several tools are available to assist you.  In my previous posting, I focused on a special body fat percentage calculator.  That post also featured formulas and charts, all of which are also powerful for measuring your body fat.

Other more archaic options involve using the BMI or a height versus weight test.  There are also calculators that assess your fitness through the Army’s standards.

Each of these various methods are widely available on Google and other search engines.  However, many of them are not accurate.  Indeed, they may teach you how to measure body fat fast, but they do not teach you how to measure body fat right.

Now if you do not mind spending money, there are other more expensive alternatives for measuring body fat.  Many use different methods for measurement ranging from Bioelectric Impedance to Anthropometric analysis.  But do not let the fancy terminology fool you, as these methods still have issues with accuracy.  Instead, concentrate on the methods featured below as they are both accurate and cost-effective.

Bod-Pod: A Fun Method for Measuring Body Fat

A Bod-Pod is a special chamber that is designed to measure body fat percentage.  Shaped like an egg, the pod is quite fun to use as it has a unique futuristic appeal. In addition to this, the chamber offers a more accurate body fat measurement, as it relies on air pressure.

The chamber can also measure a person’s overall mass.  This figure is obtained by dividing the volume of the chamber by the bone density of the person weighing in.  With this knowledge, you can determine how much lean muscle you have versus body fat.

Keep in mind this does not take into consideration the bone densities of different demographics.   Results will differ depending on your gender, race or age.   Still, if you want to learn how to measure body fat cheap, this method is the way to go as it is less expensive than other alternatives.

Using Your Skin Folds to Measure Body Fat

With this method, you have to use calipers to pinch various fatty areas on your body.  From there, the device will measure how big the area is.  This will give you a general overview of how much fat you have, as the majority of adipose tissue is stored beneath one’s skin.  True, this will not take into account the fat stored on your organs, but it is still a pretty accurate measurement.

This method works even better if you can get someone else to assist you.  With a second person on hand, it is easier keeping the skin in place.  This is particularly the case if you can get a professional to help you, as they have more experience with this type of measuring.  If this is not possible, use friends or family along with Slim Guide calipers.  I suggest this brand because it is easier to read.

If you have absolutely no one available to help you, there are calipers that are designed for self-measure.  Accu-Measure is an example.  Its basic design and simplistic instructions shows you how to measure body fat percentage in just minutes.