About Paradigm 100 Inversion Table

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So many people nowadays are complaining of back pain and for mild cases they just take medications for it mainly pain killers. Unfortunately they are just relieved of pain for a short time and they starts to feel the pain again. It is not good for the body too to take those medications for a long period of time. The main reason why the pain keeps on coming back is because the medications are just there to bring relief of the symptoms but not the real source of the pain.

Some choose the option of surgery but still it does not guarantee you of complete healing thus there is still a high risk that your condition might just worsen after the surgery. That is why most people try different methods in dealing with their back pains. Fortunately there is one machine that can help you and these are the spinal decompression machines. This is the one that is use for the spinal decompression therapy which is very effective in relieving back pain.

Other ways recommended by doctors and physical therapist with patients who are suffering from low back pain is the use of Inversion Table. This table is a workout table that is made in a way that your feet are positioned higher than your head aiding it to reduce the negative effects of gravity. This kind of table is actually designed to position the body in an upside down so that the gravity works in the opposite direction.

Inversion tables come in different sizes and there are various brands and manufacturers available in the market today. One of that is Paradigm 100 inversion table. This is ideal for beginners as well as experienced inversion table users. Paradigm 100 certainly aids in relieving minor back aches and muscle tension. It also helps to counter effect the pain you feel in your back from too much time sitting, moving or standing repetitively.

It is made of tubular steel frame with scratch-resistant, powder coated finish, weights 250 pounds and it has safety handles and nylon backrest. It has three adjustment levels and adjustable tether straps.

Indeed many people today are trying this aside from spinal decompression therapy. It certainly relieves them from back pain when done regularly.

Inversion Therapy Equipment

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There are lots of reason why insertion tables have currently become popular in the market. Over the year, back inversion equipment has become successful in treating the main problem that are causing most back pain problems. The invention of creating this equipment for inversion therapy came from the rationale why most person experience back pain. For most instances, it is due to compression of the spinal vertebra that cause bulging of the spinal disc. Treatment by this equipment is done by reversing the said condition. The vertebrae are being decompressed through gravity pull, and the space is created by aligning them to their proper position.

Inversion tables are the most popular equipment in inversion therapy. By simply relaxing and lying down on the equipment, your back pain will be treated. It is considered as the safest and most secure way of creating a negative pressure between the discs of your spine. Studies done to tell the effectiveness of using inversion therapy suggests that mot people were actually relieved from their symptoms. Other benefits are also noticed during process of treatment including improved flexibility and increased body resistance.

There are several other advantages associated with the use of inversion tables including improve circulation, maintaining height and posture, increased flexibility and mental alertness. Some users think that it is not safe to use the product as it may worsen the condition. But actually, it is safe and advisable to use because of its benefits. However, it is important that the technique is done with the assistance of a qualified practitioner.

As of today, “Premium Inversion Therapy Table” is the device with most advanced features offered. It is guaranteed safe and durable and can be inverted up to 90 degrees without worries. It is convenient in any home setting and is designed to create space because it can also fold.