Fresh juice is the natural way to improve diet and cleanse your body


There are many good reasons to buy a fruit and vegetable juicer, but the best reasons is definitely to improve your heath. Freshly made juice is very rich in lots of vital minerals, as well as vitamins and other nutrients that are often difficult to obtain from normal diets these days. While many people buy fresh juice from juice bars and health food stores this can be fairly expensive, and making your own juice not only gives you more flexibility, but will also save you money.

Juicing vegetables may sound strange to some people, but it really is no different to juicing  fruits. In fact, vegetable juice is probably even better for you – it contains less available sugar, which is a big consideration if you are trying to watch your calorie intake. Vegetable juice is also more likely to be rich in minerals than fruit juice is, and the fiber you get from vegetables is better for cleansing and stimulating the stomach and colon.

When choosing a fruit and vegetable juicer, look at several important features. First, does it juice everything you want? Be aware that not all juicers work the same way, and cannot all process drier ingredients like wheat grass. If you are planning to juice wheat grass you will need to specifically buy a juicer that says it can handle it.

Second, is the machine easy to clean? This is overlooked often, and can be very frustrating. Make sure it comes apart quickly and there are no difficult to clean pieces. Ideally it should only have a few removable parts and be dishwasher safe.

Last, ensure it has a good warranty. Look at several different machines, and you will find that the slightly more expensive ones come with far better arrangements. Fruit and vegetable juicers are built very well these days, but they do break sometimes. 12 months is a normal warranty for department store appliances, but high end juicers can come with 2, 5 and even 10 year warranties.