Vibrating Machine: Decrease Excess Fat in the Abdomin

Believe it or not, there is now a fitness machine that is able to help you shed some pounds, and the only thing you need to do is stand in place on the platform.  Users can actually receive quite a few rewards as a result of working out on a vibrating machine.  Among these are weight loss and a decrease in the amount of excess fat in the abdominal region.

If you are able to stand still for ten minutes each day, you can drop some weight.  Users can enjoy several benefits as a result of working out on a vibration exercise machine.  These remarkable benefits include weight management and a decrease in the amount of excess fat in the stomach.

The Russian space program is to blame for a great deal of the attention the vibration exercise machine has gotten, but the very first application of a vibration machine was back in 1895, when a doctor from Battle Creek, MI put it to use in treating his clients. Dr. John Kellogg not only designed the vibrating machine, but he and Will Keith Kellogg, his brother, were responsible for the production of the breakfast cereal, corn flakes.

The response of your muscle tissues to the machine’s vibrations is what helps make this equipment work.  Even though you stand still on the platform, your muscles are not staying still.  Every last one of the vibrations makes your muscles tense and relax very quickly.  The result is that your muscle tissues get strengthened, and the only thing you need to do is simply to stand on the plate for ten minutes daily.

In what ways can you expect to benefit as the result of using a vibrating machine?  The three main benefits are improved muscle tone, weight loss, and preventing the loss of bone density.  The vibration exercise machine is a great choice for those who are worried about getting osteoporosis because it is very low impact and does not put much stress on the bones.  Using a vibration machine can also help you develop greater flexibility and increase your blood circulation.  A few people also report a decrease in lower back pain.

When selecting a vibrating machine, you should avoid the plastic ones that are produced in China.  Not to pick on China, but many companies outsource their manufacturing to China specifically to save money, and you typically get what you pay for, particularly with regard to mechanical equipment.  When you are using your vibrating machine, it will be under a lot of stress due to the vibrations, so you need to purchase something that is built well enough that it will hold up.

Not all vibrating machines use the same kind of vibration.  There are two main types.  First of all, there is linear vibration, which is also identified as piston or tri-planar.  Another name for this sort of vibration is “three dimensional.”  It is best to stay away from the linear vibration machines since they are hard on your system.  The other form of vibration, which is called oscillating or pivoting vibration, is the kind you should try to find.  The alternating movement produced by an oscillating vibration machine puts less stress on the body and is not as hard on your back, hips and knees, internal organs, ligaments, and tendons.

Seven Benefits Of Used Fitness Equipment


It’s no surprise, but as we entered into the 21st century, people have become more and more in tune with the needs of their body, both health and fitness wise. Over the course of the decade, fitness equipment has been a prominent element for those who wish to keep in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. The health and fitness industry recognized that there are several machines to help with exercising and each and every day. Those in the industry are continuously working to improve the design characters to better the machines available to consumers.

Today, we are seeing that there is an abundant amount of used fitness equipment on the market, whether it be for commercial use in gyms and fitness centers, or for an at home gym. As the fitness industry strives to improve the machines for use, the latest and greatest machines offer several benefits for users and most can be found available for purchase with less than one year of age.

With great technological advances most of the benefits of used fitness equipment include low maintenance, compact machines, built-in programs, heart rate controls, music speakers, power inclines and shock absorption.

Low Maintenance

Most fitness machines require very low maintenance. These machines need a power source for the user to operate and typically, there is no upkeep unless there is a broken part that needs replaced. Due to the lack of upkeep, this results in much less wear and tear.

Compact Machines

There are several machines that come smaller in size, requiring less floor space. Many machines also come equipped for storage use, having the ability to fold and be placed in a closet when the user is not operating the machine.

Built-In Programs

The great thing about the latest technology available is that built-in programs allow for great personalization and customization to the user. Depending on the fitness level of the operator, they can choose particular programs that enable them to stay under, at, or above their normal heart rate.

Heart Rate Controls

The latest machines have heart rate censers that allow the user to know where their heart rate is during their workout program. This allows them to adjust their fitness level accordingly so they aren’t over working their body.

Music Speakers

Music speakers are available in the machines for MP3 plug-ins where users can select their music choice depending on the workout program.

Power Inclines

Power inclines provides the operator the choice of having more resistance training. Often times, treadmills are set at a 5% incline to help fight against wind that may occur on-street running. This also builds bone density and burns calories more efficiently.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption helps to have a no-impact exercise. This is highly useful as it provides less impact on knees, hips and joints when exercising.

There is a wide variety of used fitness equipment available to the public. It’s important to review each equipment one-by-one to verify you are selecting the right machine to meet your fitness goals.


Lorna Horne is a freelance writer who frequently reviews used fitness equipment for websites like

New Balance Home Gym Machines

When most people hear the name, New Balance, they think of the well-known running shoe. Although New Balance makes highly respected shoes for men and women, that is not the only thing they sell. These days the company manufactures exercise bikes and elliptical machines. In spite of its excellent reputation, people may wonder if the company’s equipment is a good as its footwear. Some users say that it is.

The New Balance elliptical trainer comes in two models: the 8000 and the 9000. Both models are highly rated and can support runners weighing up to 300 pounds. Because the 9000 model came out after the 8000 and has been upgraded, it costs more than the New Balance 8000.

With moving arm handles that add intensity to your workout, the New Balance Elliptical 8000 is both reliable and durable. It, also, provides a good workout for the bottom and top portions of the body. Because the movement of the machine replicates actual running, users get a workout that not only challenges them, but improves their fitness at the same time. One of the best features of this model is its stride length. It extends up to 20 inches, giving runners an extensive range of motion as well as mimicking an outdoor stride.

The New Balance 8000 has a variety of workouts and 16 levels of resistance programmed into the machine. While this is not the highest number available on the market today, there are enough to keep users challenged and interested. The hand grips have a built-in heart rate sensor to record levels of exertion.

Overall, New Balance manufactures high quality ellipticals for the home. Although they are not the best on the market, they are sturdy, affordable, and well-designed. Other brands that are more established and have a long history of reliability are Schwinn and Sole. With a little more time, New Balance elliptical machines may just become a major competitor in the home gym market.

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