How to Burn Fat without Losing Muscle Mass


How to Burn Fat without Losing Muscle Mass

A recent study show that an average of 60% of the American population treat obesity by using food supplements, steroids, and drugs to burn fats without having muscle loss. Unbeknownst to Americans, these substances are particularly harmful to the body. Found below are seven tips on burning fat without muscle loss:

Effective Tips to Burn Fat without Muscle Loss:

1. A balanced diet is essential in a change of lifestyle. Bear in mind to eat several small meals a day (five to seven) to boost your metabolism and curb frequent hunger. Include beans, whole grains, vegetables, a small amount of fat, lean protein and fresh fruits in your meals.

2. Whatever happens, do not skip meals, especially breakfast since it jumpstarts your body’s metabolism. Also, you’re tendency is to eat more or hunger-filling foods (like junk foods) to compensate for your meal-skipping. Try eating whole grain snacks and protein-enriched snacks in between meals.

3. Eat your meals at a pleasant location and eat them slowly. The brain needs 20 minutes to realize that our stomach is full. Eating slowly will help your brain realize that you are already full and prevent you from overeating.

4. A trip to the grocery store while a person is hungry isn’t advisable. The best time to shop for food is after you’ve had your snack or meal. If you can’t help it, then buy fat free popcorn, and fruits and veggies instead of junk food.

5. Drink eight glasses of water everyday as water aids digestion and is a natural diuretic. Burning fats without muscle loss isn’t possible without water. It also keeps the body from being dehydrated and makes you feel full.

Additional Tips to Burn Fat without Muscle Loss:

1. Avoid consuming too many sweets on a regular basis. Instead, use sugar substitutes or natural sugars with your food or drinks. High sugar level in the blood also reduces one’s energy and makes one lethargic.

2. Discipline is a key factor in burning fat without muscle loss. A person who aims at losing weight should keep a journal of his or her amount of food and beverage consumption. This method will prevent a person from over or under-eating. Ask a friend to psyche you up when you feel like giving up on the program.

Small changes in a person’s habit and lifestyle can make burning fat without muscle loss a possibility. Reward yourself with non-food rewards like a new jewelry, shirt or shoes to motivate yourself to lose more weight.

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