Try Some Simple Home Remedies For Acne

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Getting pimples, whether as a teenager or as an adult, is no fun at all, and sometimes it seems as if no real remedy exists. The causes of the problem are still somewhat mysterious, but they are usually not what common knowledge may claim. Solutions can be uncommon as well, and there are viable home remedies for acne. Many of these ideas will use items that are commonly found in many households.

The problem is caused by bacteria, plain and simple, and while certain foods and activities may compound the issue, they do not in fact cause it. While a healthy diet will lead to better skin in general, this is not a discussion of foods that are consumed. Rather, this is a look at natural home remedies for acne that are easy to use and usually available. The first approach is still the oldest advice, and that is to keep the face and breakout areas as clean as possible. The trick here is to use mild soap and do not overdo it. Washing the skin thoroughly, once or twice a day, should help. The key is to stay consistent with the washing routine.

Other good ideas involve natural plants and their juices. Many individuals have had great success with the use of aloe vera on troublesome areas. Simply split the leaves of the plant open and spread the jelly like sap on the pimples. Others have had luck with the juice of citrus plants. Cut open an orange, lemon, or lime, and rub the juice directly on the skin. Let it sit for several minutes, then rinse off. Still others have gotten help by doing the same routine with plain yogurt. All of these ideas use benign food products that contain no harsh chemicals and medicines.

Home remedies for acne are simple to use, and can result in clearer skin. A last idea is to use steam to clean out the pores and flush impurities from the system. If access is available for a sauna, this is ideal. Lacking a sauna, one can get results by simply leaning over a bowl, or sink, full of hot, steamy water with a towel draped over the head. This traps the steam and allows the skin to sweat. Sweating is nature’s way of cleaning the skin, so vigorous exercise can only help all over. In fact, simply living a traditionally healthy lifestyle can do wonder for clearer skin.

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