What Should I Mix My Protein Powder Into?

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The best thing about protein powder is that you can mix it into just about anything. The main thing you don’t want to try to do is eat it plain in powdered form. Even the best protein powder will taste kind of nasty and be difficult to swallow. Luckily, by mixing the powder into other foods and liquids, you can cover up the flavor and consume the healthy source of protein without issue. If you are looking for ideas for more places to work your whey protein powder into your daily diet, then look no further. Listed below are several ideas to get your brain started!

The first thing to do is think in terms of a liquid diet. You can mix the powder into just about anything liquid as long as you use a small portion so that you don’t distort the flavor or coloring very much. By the time you start scrounging the internet for ideas, I’m sure you’ve exhausted all protein shake and smoothie ideas, but this list would be incomplete without them in here somewhere.

Once you’re out of ideas for drinks, think about things you bake. You can work protein powder into just about any recipe that starts from batter and turns into baked goods. Making cookies can be a fun experiment when you mix in a small amount of protein. You can make protein pancakes, muffins, cake, brownies, or a whole slew of other things. As long as the item isn’t extra sensitive and needs to rise or something, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

You can also put some powder into anything you’re using milk or butter in. Since whey is dairy based anyway, it doesn’t throw off the flavor much. This could be anything from cereal to macaroni and cheese.

The number of ways to use protein powder as a helpful supplement is nearly unlimited. Just keep an open mind when cooking and don’t be afraid to add a spoonful to just about anything.

  • Protein really is the prescription for weight loss (msnbc.msn.com)

Building Muscle to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

A lot of people try a bunch of different methods in order to try and lose weight.  Some people try the latest workout machine that they see on infomercials, and other people try weight loss pills, starvation and other crazy things like fad diets in order to try to lose weight.  The problem is, they either don’t lose weight at all, or they lose weight only to gain it back fairly quickly.  Because these people don’t turn weight loss into a lifestyle, they will just end up failing at their efforts to lose weight.  But, if you can work to make it a lifestyle, then you’ll have a lot better chance at actually losing the weight and keeping it off.

Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but that’s not the focus of this article.  Make sure that your nutrition is in order, that you’re making healthy food choices and following the other advice in this article and you’ll be doing great.

In addition to proper nutrition, building up muscle through weight lifting and other types of resistance training is not only great for building a toned body, but for also losing weight.  People who are trying to lose weight, incorrectly stay away from building muscle because they are worried that muscle weighs more than fat.  While it does weigh more than fat, you shouldn’t be focused on just the pounds on the scale.  The pounds can come off despite you lifting weights, because the muscle that you build will burn the fat a lot quicker.  The muscle turns your body into a furnace so that you’re steadily burning fat off of your body.

If you want something to assist you when it comes to building muscle, then you’ll definitely want to look into protein supplements.  There are many different types of supplements available for helping you build muscle.  Protein powder is a very popular one because various proteins like Whey protein help your muscles to heal quicker, and they grow during that healing process.

Build muscle and you can burn fat.  That my friends, is how you lose weight!

5 Reasons To Eat More Protein

The fact is that most people won’t be getting enough protein in their diet. When we talk about protein, a lot of people tend to think about the big bodybuilders, and guys trying to build muscle mass. Protein makes up a large part of our body, and we all need it, regardless of our goals. However, there are many benefits of an increase protein intake  that you may not be aware of, especially for people trying to maintain or lose weight.


Protein makes you fuller for longer. This means that you won’t eat as much at each meal, because the protein takes a long time and is harder to break down. You will be able to control how much you eat, and you will be able to stave off cravings.

Increase In Metabolism

As mentioned above protein takes a lot of time and energy to break down. Which means that you will get an increase in your metabolism just from eating more protein. Instead of looking for diets that work, then you should simply put more protein on your plate at each meal.

Muscle Growth

Protein makes up your muscle. If you want to grow muscle then you need to eat more protein.

Faster Recovery

If you get more into your body, then you will find that you recover much faster. The amino acids that protein contains, will ensure that your muscles get back to their normal state much faster, and you will be able to train harder.

Prevents Muscle Loss

If you are injured and cannot workout for any reason, then keeping up your protein intake can ensure that you will not lose any muscle during this period.

You can supplement your protein intake with protein powder, the best protein powder is a whey protein that is fast acting. If you get enough protein in your diet naturally then you do not need this option.