What Should I Mix My Protein Powder Into?

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The best thing about protein powder is that you can mix it into just about anything. The main thing you don’t want to try to do is eat it plain in powdered form. Even the best protein powder will taste kind of nasty and be difficult to swallow. Luckily, by mixing the powder into other foods and liquids, you can cover up the flavor and consume the healthy source of protein without issue. If you are looking for ideas for more places to work your whey protein powder into your daily diet, then look no further. Listed below are several ideas to get your brain started!

The first thing to do is think in terms of a liquid diet. You can mix the powder into just about anything liquid as long as you use a small portion so that you don’t distort the flavor or coloring very much. By the time you start scrounging the internet for ideas, I’m sure you’ve exhausted all protein shake and smoothie ideas, but this list would be incomplete without them in here somewhere.

Once you’re out of ideas for drinks, think about things you bake. You can work protein powder into just about any recipe that starts from batter and turns into baked goods. Making cookies can be a fun experiment when you mix in a small amount of protein. You can make protein pancakes, muffins, cake, brownies, or a whole slew of other things. As long as the item isn’t extra sensitive and needs to rise or something, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

You can also put some powder into anything you’re using milk or butter in. Since whey is dairy based anyway, it doesn’t throw off the flavor much. This could be anything from cereal to macaroni and cheese.

The number of ways to use protein powder as a helpful supplement is nearly unlimited. Just keep an open mind when cooking and don’t be afraid to add a spoonful to just about anything.

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The Point of Whey Protein Powder

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Protein supplements, particularly whey protein powder, have grown dramatically in popularity over recent decades. Where in the 1970s no one would have known anything about the different kinds of protein types and their effectiveness, now almost everyone takes advantage of those differences, even if they don’t know the exact reasoning behind it.

Protein from whey is used in every kind of protein supplement available today, from protein bars to pre-blended protein shakes that are ready to drink right off the shelf or out of the refrigerator. But the most popular of these supplements is the powder itself.

Whey protein powder is an extremely nutrient-rich isolate, which you can use as a cost-effective way to make your own protein shakes at home. It’s the best kind of protein to use to boost your muscle-building capacity because, since it comes from the densest part of milk, your body can use it very quickly for its cellular activity.

Cellular activity such as producing testosterone, repairing cells and building new ones. And that includes muscle. You can’t build muscle without a good supply of protein, and protein from whey powder is one of the best ways to get it beyond your typical dietary intake.

But can you skip supplements altogether and just get all your protein from normal food? Sure. But it’s not quite as simple as that.

One of the primary benefits of drinking a protein shake or eating a protein bar is that you can do it very quickly, and your body then receives a dose of protein with few other things to get in the way. Most people don’t know it but when you digest food, there is an order in which your digestive system processes the different pieces. Fat comes first, always.

That means that if you’re eating foods that are high in protein but also have fat, you can throw your 60-minute window away. That magic window after working out is rendered nearly useless unless you can give yourself a nearly pure blend of protein and glucose, like what comes in whey protein shakes. And that’s why they can be so helpful for building muscle. That’s the point.

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