Get Into Shape with the Body Blade Workout

Get Into Shape with the Body Blade Workout

Experts are the ones we often look to when looking for new creative solutions to getting into shape and staying in shape. The Body Blade is one piece of equipment that everyone should try. In the shape of a sword, it is designed to improve core strength and your overall fitness level.

The ideal behind much of the workout machines today is simplicity and quick resourceful workouts. Exercising longer is not necessarily superior. But has the Body blade caught on and does it really improve your core strength? Let’s examine slightly closer at what it is.

Bodyblade Exercise

The body blade exercise device is a long slim piece of equipment that looks like a blade. It has a handle in the center and is entirely flexible. It only weighs a few lbs and ranges in size from 2 ½” to 5“ in length. But can reportedly build up the core muscles of the abs and the back to a great extent.

The Body Blade is designed for those rehabilitating from a surgery or athletes looking to get an edge on the competition. But it is so helpful for what it does, that many in different groups have begun to use the device. Any age group can utilize the motion of the blade to shape their muscles.

Bodyblade Review

The advantage is typically anaerobic. Anaerobic is what occurs then you perform strength training exercises versus aerobic. There can be some aerobic benefits with the exercise also increasing your heart rate and burning fat, but that is not what the Body blade was designed for.

This is how the exercise works. The Body blade uses the forces created when you shake the blade to test the muscles and your sense of balance. You hold the Body blade with one hand or with both hands and begin to shake it back and forth.

As motion increases, the ends of the Body blade begin to move. The harder you shake the blade the ends respond and move faster. The design is quite incredible as the blade ends can shake as much as 270 times in a single minute. According to the designers, this end movement translates into your muscles having to contract each time to keep the instrument stable and moving.

By varying your standing position, you can challenge different muscles groups as described in the instructions included. The Body blade is quite efficient. How many calories you can expect to burn with the Body blade? The creators do not say specifically. Some variables make a difference including the speed the blade is moved and the person using the blade. If you don’t believe this exercise will help you get into shape, the company wants you to give it a try before buying.

And a final tip from the creators of the Body blade is to varying the resistance of the blade by moving it farther away from your body. This will make it more difficult to shake. Maybe too good to be true and just a current fad, but if you are able to rehab quicker for an accident, the expense is well worth it.