The Kettlebell Workout And the HCG Diet: Two Ways to Stay in Shape

Every year, people around the world try to increase their happiness by losing weight or staying in shape. Two ways to reach your goals follow.

The HCG Diet

A somewhat controversial solution to weight gain around your thighs, buttocks, and hips, the HCG diet is a popular way to control appetite and lose weight. This diet was first studied over 50 years ago these days it is gaining in popularity around the world. While following the complete protocol more than once may be recommended for extreme weight loss, following this diet for a short period of time can be surprisingly effective in shedding pounds.

HCG is a hormone produced in large quantities by pregnant women that greatly increases fat burning. Dieters must start taking HCG through injections or oral drops during the first phase, then greatly restrict calories for up to 40 days during phase 2. The original protocol recommends eating no more than 500 calories per day during this period. After phase 2, dieters must slowly increase their calories over 21 days to let the metabolism recover.

Kettlebell Workout

Another way to kickstart metabolism and shed pounds is starting a kettlebell workout. The kettlebell is a type of weight, shaped like a kettle (more or less), that can be a phenomenal tool in your weight loss arsenal. Using a kettlebell can build muscle all over the body. These workouts can also get your heart pumping in a very short amount of time. Experts recommend starting with no less than 12 lbs., even for women keep this guideline in mind before you buy your first kettlebell.

A kettlebell workout is so effective because muscle requires more calories to maintain than fat. That means that every pound of muscle you add will passively increase your basal metabolic rate. Body recomposition (shifting from fat to toned, sleek muscle) should follow in no time.

Toner Butts for Everyone

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There isn’t a situation more disheartening than that when one tries on an old pair of jeans and realize that it can no longer makes its way up your butt. Not only has that it meant saying goodbye to the old jeans you have already felt comfortable with, it also means that you have to deal with a bigger bottom which would eventually sag if without the proper maintaining exercise.

Good thing, the horror will not stay forever. There are actually lots of ways to tone your butts to how it was before. You will be happy to know that by doing these exercises, you can fit back to your old jeans in no time.

As I have mentioned, there are numerous butt toning exercises you can choose from. However, it is important to keep in mind that exercising your butt area alone is not enough to get rid of the fatty deposits in that area. One needs to work on his or her whole body and have a nutrition plan which will match your daily routine.

Also, it is imperative to note that we all have different body types and we respond to certain activities differently as well. Therefore, it is better to consult an expert before deciding what routines to do. Another thing that one should put in mind is to ensure that while performing any butt exercises, it is vital that they control all their movements properly.

Overdoing butt exercises or not doing them properly can cause injuries to one’s knees or ankles. That is why you have to be very observant. Once you feel pain, you should slow down or stop for a while. Exercising must not become a torture. It should be something one can enjoy and derive happiness from.

Among the many butt-toning exercises known to man, the most effective and the easiest by far is the Squats. Unfortunately, most men and women do this exercise incorrectly. They must keep in mind that proper squatting do not put a lot of stress in the ankles of the foot not it should strain the patella.

The contraction must be on the muscle areas and not on the joints and ligaments. Other simple yet effective butt toning exercises are the Dumbbell Lunges, Straight Leg Dead-Lifts, Leg Curls (lying or seated), Wall Squats, Back Extensions, and Ski Squats. The good things about these exercises is that they do not only work on your butt muscle groups, but also in you things and hip areas, and even on your abdominal and bicep muscle groups.

Bodyweight exercises could be this easy and fun. With variety comes the power to choose what routines you like best. Choosing an activity you enjoy is the first secret in order to be able to keep it as a hobby and not as a very difficult exception.

So don’t you worry to much about throwing half of your jeans collections because of some problems with your bottom. With discipline and little hard work, you can be back to your original size and feel perfectly the same.

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