Medifast vs. Special K Protein Shakes

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There are many consumers who find it difficult to choose between Medifast shakes and the Special K-protein shakes. Both claim similar results. But both have different carbohydrate levels though very similar protein levels.

Though there are hosts of other protein and diet shakes available at the grocery stores, these two shakes have remained the most popular. But the consumers of medifast shakes have cribbed about how these are not easily available at the stores and have to be purchased online almost always.

Ketosis can be defined as the process of increased metabolism where the fat is burned rapidly and efficiently. As the body gets more protein than carbohydrates, the protein ensures that we get the fuel to go on with our daily activities. As there are low carbohydrates, the body burns fat instead of sugar. We need a high protein level and low carb level to achieve weight loss through ketosis.

Though both medifast and K protein shakes have almost the same protein levels. Medifast shakes have much lower calorie content then K shakes with only 100 calories as compared to the 180 calories of the latter. Medifast shakes have 11 grams of protein while K- shakes have 10 grams of protein, but while the carbohydrate level of medifast shakes is 13, the same for the K shakes is a whopping 29, which is more than the double of the medifast shakes. Again the sugar level of Medifast shakes amounts to 8 grams while the special K shakes have again 18 grams of sugar.  This difference in carbohydrate and sugar levels is what can make much of a difference between the two. This difference can affect the ketosis and in turn affects the levels of fat burned. So, if you’re looking for an efficient way to get skinny its better to wait for the company to ship the order than to buy shakes at the stores thus compromising on nutrition and effectiveness.